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  1. Stig were just amazing - one of the most interesting bands I've seen in a long time. Barberos were just wild and amazing. The live dubstep bass on one track was rather good... Dave
  2. I'd like to see Moon Unit and Lenny H's band play on the same bill, Well done Hen! Dave
  3. Alan - Richard M and myself are popping down. Might have to sample a real ale first though... Dave
  4. aye Opaque were great, loud and so hard to recognise with those face masks - their set @ Drakes (or part of it) is available from Kovorox as part of a 4 CD boxset job. Opaque did play in Tunnels 2 a couple of years back, but I preferred the Drakes gig. OPAQUE - THE CULT OF SURVIVORS I remember Ballboy, Soulo, Bill Thomson's first Adeen gig and loads of IMP related gigs... Dave
  5. I liked a record that seemed to be Seven Ways to Make You Jack that I heard on an Essential Mix years and years ago. It worked well in the mix but I never tried to find out more. I suppose it would be proto-house or somesuch genre? Dave
  6. I think the dog in the road was filmed in China or Korea. Quite an effective bit of film! Dave
  7. Warner Jepson is worth checking out as well, Dave
  8. This could be an Arab Strap track....
  9. a good attendance - but loads of music fans seemed to talk all the way thru Gira
  10. This is proper old fashioned funk. James is a real showman who combines Fela Kuti's charm, Mark E Smith's jowel and a healthy dose of free jazz. At his most entertaining contorting with his wife he is an excellent dancer. Like Lee Perry he directs his band with a flick of his finger. The Contortions are very cool and purvey their angular brand of soul to the willing audience. Chance may not have film star looks, but he's up there with kings like James Caan and Albert Ayler. - in other words I liked it.... Did anyone else spot the Black Sabbathism's during the set? Or was it just freetibet and myself? Dave
  11. sounds like a who's who of the Scottish anti-noise scene... I shall attend, Dave
  12. even MES's knob twiddling made sense for once.... The Fall forum -> Aberdeen Tunnels - 1st Night
  13. Like Lepeep I went just to see Dub Trio and really enjoyed their set. Very talented band with an interesting take on dubcore, an update of Bad Brains if you will. Amazing bass sound - I wonder if they like dubstep?? More ROIR acts would be welcomed at the Tunnels... I never stayed for Skindred - enjoyed DT too much and was rather tired, Dave
  14. there should hopefully be a review on Planet Sound of Sunday's gig at some point...
  15. thanks that was a really nice low key gig which went smoothly - you canna beat sitting on a sofa at a gig...... Dave
  16. well Mike I was at the top of Arthur's Seat yesterday when the rain and mist came down. Its fun sliding down rocks when its raining....
  17. I'll aim to get a ticket for this @ James Y on Saturday. How was London Graeme?
  18. some rock kids like to speak American even though they are from Cults / Banchory / Milltimber.....
  19. Riverdance in a gimp suit? You are warped.... BTW French someone on wiki is disputing the folktronica and dubtronica genre entries. Feel free to box their ears....
  20. there might be a review of Lach on Planet Sound some time soon....
  21. One review on Planet Sound today (JS) - don't think the other will be published, but you never know... to get published / reviewed in the Wire - involve Barry Esson, Brian Morton or David Keenan in either the organisation or bands. Dave
  22. Well I saw the middle three acts and really enjoyed them. I've submitted reviews of two of them to Planet Sound but doubt if they'll publish them as they've just changed format et al but you never know... thanks for putting the bands on Donny! cheers Dave
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