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  1. Worth re-igniting this thread for this tune. This is exactly what Pop in 2013 should sound like.
  2. I didn't actually realise you'd edited my post for comic effect, I thought I'd just made an awful Freudian typing error. Saying that, it IS pretty sexy when I carry a box.
  3. I sell/fix things for a group of clothing/giftware boutiques. Job varies depending on where I'm based. Last week I was sanding Thai furniture, this week I've been sifting through vintage Knitwear and sewing seams on dresses. A lot of the time I just do crosswords and give tourists directions. Working times are generally 9.30-6, sometimes don't start till 12. Generally averages out at a standard 37 hour week, sometimes I have to do 6 day weeks and sometimes get away with doing a 4 day week. Can't complain too much, it pays the bills and I like clothes. Main downside is being the only male who works in any of the stores so I have to do a lot of sexist box-carrying and light bulb changing etc.
  4. Really looking forward to the debut from these guys in March. Haven't been so instantly excited by a band for ages. They sound like Television playing Dr Feelgood with a couple of guitarists that look like 90's Kings Cross rent boys plus Edwyn Collins is producing the album. The bit when it turns into a Neu-esque jam at 2:50 is life-affirming. The organ player has fucking mad chops.
  5. Really sad stuff and a major loss. Awful state of affairs when an economy the size of Aberdeen's can't support one local record store (obviously there's still The Cavern but it's very niche). Then again I work for an independent shop right in the heart of central Edinburgh and we struggle so the fact One Up survived this long is a testament to the staff. Must have been pretty hellish for everyone involved with the store to devote so much time to something then have to fold it all up, really feel for them. I'm sure it will join places like Drakes in being the kind of place that music fans in Aberdeen will talk about for decades to come at least.
  6. I think Losing You by Solange is probably my favourite song of they year. Absolutely perfect pop. The producer in question is Dev Hynes who used to be in the fuck-awful, mid-2000s also-rans Test Icicles then briefly did a kind of twee singer-songwriter thing. Now he just writes loads of absolute gems. He was recording under the name Blood Orange last year, doing stuff similar to the Solange stuff, haven't really investigated it but heard good things.
  7. New Marnie Stern album in March. It's called 'The Chronicles of Marnia" which is so obviously the best album title ever that it's not even worth a debate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGk4iT8RxXE Also looking forward to the new Camera Obscura album, particularly as they seem to be working with Tucker Martine and Neko Case.
  8. Swingin' Ryan

    Your bets

    Yeh was pretty chuffed with that one. Only down side was that it was just a "chuck the last quid in my betting account" situation. Would normally put 3/4 quid on a 5 game accumulator, which would have netted me silly money. Still a decent haul though, paid for my weekend with a bit left over.
  9. Swingin' Ryan

    Your bets

    Yas! Third accumulator win in three weeks. Should probably retire now on a high before it all goes wrong. Football Premier League Stoke v Q.P.R. Match Result 10/11/2012 15:00 Stoke (Win) @ 5/6 Football Premier League Reading v Norwich Match Result 10/11/2012 15:00 Draw (Win) @ 12/5 Football Premier League Arsenal v Fulham Match Result 10/11/2012 15:00 Draw (Win) @ 7/2 Football Premier League Everton v Sunderland Match Result 10/11/2012 15:00 Everton (Win) @ 1/2 Football Premier League Southampton v Swansea Match Result 10/11/2012 15:00 Draw (Win) @ 5/2
  10. Swingin' Ryan

    Your bets

    Had 'Only one team to score' and got shafted by Lille's ONE goal in reply to Bayern's SIX GOALS. How was there even time for them to score a goal when Bayern were scoring ALL THE FUCKING GOALS. 6-0 would have won me a tidy coupon, 6-1 won me nothing. So much hate.
  11. Swingin' Ryan

    Your bets

    Got my free £10 Skybet on this for tomorrow... Football Champions League Schalke 04 v Arsenal Both Teams to Score 06/11/2012 19:45 Yes @ 4/6 Football Champions League AC Milan v Malaga Both Teams to Score 06/11/2012 19:45 Yes @ 8/11 Football Champions League Dinamo Kiev v Porto Match Result & Both Teams To Score 06/11/2012 19:45 Porto to win and both teams to score @ 4/1 Not too hopeful, but had an amazing week a fortnight ago and netted two decent accumulators in the space of a week so I'm a happy better.
  12. Black Box Recorder - Child Psychology Band created by the Godfather of the Britpop fringes Luke Haines, he wrote a book called "Britpop and My Part in it's Downfall Manic Street Preachers - Sculpture of Man The Brit awards etc might make them seem more mainstream,but in 1994 Oasis did 'Supersonic', Blur did 'Parklife' and the Manics did this. BMX Bandits - Kylie's Got a Crush On Us This is the kind of tune that gonks like Wavves have been chewing on their baseball caps trying to write for the last few years. Stereolab - Everybody's Weird Except Me Any band that slips in musical nods to Esquivel is OK by me, if anybody wants a 1950's Exotica top ten I'd be more than happy. The Beautiful South - Old Red Eyes Is Back Paul Heaton writes stories like Mike Leigh and melodies like Brian Wilson, the Beautiful South might seem uncool because mum's liked them, but they're actually really, really cool.
  13. This segues nicely into my Top ten! A lot of my favourite bands are mid-to late 90's UK indie bands that get either overlooked by or wrongly mixed in with Britpop. I suppose this is a top ten UK indie from the Britpop era, the qualifiers being they were released around the 93-99 mark and fall under the 'indie' umbrella. Hefner - Hymn for the Cigarettes Lovely bratty, scratchy, tongue-in-cheek Indie-Pop belter. Cornershop - Sleep On the Left Side Everyone knows Brimful of Asha, but Cornershop were actually secretly Britain's answer to Beck at his finest. St Etienne - Former Lover This might be the invention of 'Folktronica', it's fucking gorgeous either way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8c1wHMBif0 The Wedding Present - Dreamland Primarily an 80's band but still had some great albums through the Britpop era and after. The Divine Comedy - Tonight We Fly Baroque pop beauty. The Northern Irish Scott Walker
  14. David Hasselhoff (wearing a giant fishing hat) stuck his head through the door of a shop I was working in, turned to his girlfriend and said "It's just cheap stuff" then left. My mum played in a band in the 70's who once duetted with Rolf Harris at the Royal Albert Hall. Can't remember if he had his wobbleboard.
  15. So you did, apologies! The Solange and Sky Ferreira videos weren't loading for me when I posted that so didn't know what they were. I was surprised nobody had mentioned it yet. It's so good it deserves to be posted at least twice.
  16. New Solange song is sublime. Pop song of the year as far as I'm concerned.
  17. Totally forgot to say cheers for sending the CD down! Really been enjoying it, some absolutely cracking tunes.
  18. Haha, brilliant use of King Prawn reference. Top marks.
  19. Gorgeous new Bat For Lashes song.
  20. Really good stuff! I remember listening to stuff you posted on here awhile back and thinking it was great and this is equally good. Just remembered that song you guys had, 'Get You Off My Back' or something along those lines, it's an absolute belter, I still find myself humming that from time to time. Edit - Just realised that songs on the new EP, it's quality
  21. I totally agree that having venues where you can easily to put on small gigs at low expenses is massively important but it needs to be remembered that cities like Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester all have over DOUBLE the population of Aberdeen. Plus they've all been what could be considered 'cosmopolitan' cities much longer than Aberdeen has, therefore they've had small grassroots music venues in those cities which go back decades. They also all had major bands, 'scenes' and record labels come from those cities which meant people actually moved there from the surrounding areas to try and get bands/venues up and running throughout the 70's/80's/90's meaning more demand for these small venues. We need to start comparing the music scene in Aberdeen with places like Southampton and Derby, not Glasgow. Glasgow will always absolutely dwarf Aberdeen in every kind of cultural output, one of the reasons it's a much better place to live if you want a to make music and also the reason it's absolutely packed with swaggering, pretentious cunts that make any Saturday evening out feel like Rab C Nesbit meets Nathan Barley (I will point out this is not an attack on Glasweigan's more the people who populate a certain 'scene' there). Aberdeen's main problem is nobody outside of here knows anything about it. People outside of Aberdeen will be able to name more bands from Dundee than they will from here. This is exactly the point that I was making in the Lockah thread, the fact that MTV published an article with the headline 'Aberdeen becomes a threat' is universally positive for everyone involved in the Aberdeen music scene regardless of what kind of music you make. With a few minor exceptions, Aberdeen has no contemporary musical heritage. That's it's biggest benefit right now, it doesn't have the kind of 'cliqueness' or hierarchy you find in Glasgow or Manchester, it's anybody's for the taking. Play absolutely anywhere to absolutely anyone and makes sure everyone knows about it.
  22. Marnie Stern - She gets extra points for doing things like paying off speeding tickets by setting up 'kissing booths' at her merch table then apparently saying "indie hipster boys are a bunch of pansy-ass Holden Caulfields" when she kept getting asked for hugs instead. Plus she stitched that ruddy-cheeked 12-year old from Wavves up like a kipper when he tried to slag her off. Plus she SHREDS guitar. Swoon.
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