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  1. You can seriously list those bands and then tell "hipsters" to fuck off!
  2. I think it's an average, but I'm not certain.
  3. One witty comment has put them firmly in their place.
  4. yes, sir calum of haigyman.......enjoy yourself, and your tom and jerry strawbery cake. :partyboy:
  5. me and mr shankly were speculating in a lecture this morning that he might be given the boot by the time we got home....and so it was, he was utterly pish anyway
  6. perhaps not...appreciate the gesture, another time for the 'westhill massive'i think though.
  7. ive driven you and zippy home before! expertly i might add, but mither will have the car tomorrow...
  8. the biggest problem is that i'd gave to get there by bus...
  9. if it were at seaton instead that would be supersexuell
  10. mightily tempting...where might one find the culter playing fields?
  11. nice bit of sixteen candles there hmm.... 'get away from there!!'
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