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  1. Yeah, that's me then. But then it suggests that you just prefer not to like the OBJECTIVELY great bands such as those mentioned. Which is just absurd. And I mean "right" as in "right" not "right" as in "coolest". Don't really fancy going into a debate over semantics but if you want to, well, I guess I could. Also, I can't drum. I'm just a shit guitarist who wishes he was Tom Verlaine, picks up his guitar, hits the wrong string and weeps into his comfort blanky.
  2. Maybe your hipster concept and my hipster concept aren't alligned. I meant beatniks with their hats and tres cool clothes and all or just scenesters in general. Possibly wrong usage of the word "hipster" then. Basically, I mean I want people who genuinely want to mess around making music using the 5 mentioned artists (plus MBV, just to add to the whole hipster thing) as a kind of rough template. The emphasis is on the music not the look. Or maybe it's the overall aesthetic, but without having any other band members on hand, I can't really say yet. I apologise, muchisimas, to all those I have offended.
  3. Hello there. I'm searching high and low (i.e. up in Aberdeen, down here in Yorkshire) for relatively untalented musicians who share a common interest in playing music somewhat akin to that of the aforementioned bands. It'll be relatively easy-going jam sessions, no pressure or anything, lyrics aren't important (unless there is a fucking amazing unsung poet on here, in which case, feel free to join). Just give me a PM if you're overjoyed by the possibilities of this rather vague project. All hipsters can fuck off please, thanks.
  4. I belatedly partly echo the original poster's sentiments - Pavement/Sebadoh/NMH/Microphones anyone?
  5. Just as an alternative to what appears to be a predominantly metal/heavy rockscene here, thought I'd start a thread for anyone interested in the other genres I heard something about a while ago somewhere. I play bass and, um, fruity loops (and a bit of acoustic. Well, I have an acoustic anyway). My bass work is basically based around (attempting to) emulate Squarepusher, Can, Sonic Youth, United States of America, Television, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai etc... but less bass-orientated stuff is cool too. Non-wanky experimental stuff too - The Books, Aphex, Animal Collective, The Boredoms... Also, wtf is with Tunnels these days? The music's a bit shit, think they need Caribou back. DOes anyone even go there anymore?
  6. Deadringer

    New Q

    Yeah but MOJO. MOJO! The NAME!! lol, yeah maybe I should check out Uncut sometime.
  7. Deadringer

    New Q

    Good call, Mojo's pretty much the only music mag I buy regularly. Diverse selection of music and all.
  8. Yeah the mogwai suggestion seems about right, might wanna check out some Godspeed You! Black Emperor too. Or Explosions in the Sky?
  9. I heard this gig was a bit of a dissapointment. Overly long and lazy DJ set or something. I'm hoping he's playing at the Glade this year. Hopefully it'll get one of Aphex/Vibert/Boc/Squarepusher at least anyway.
  10. I haven't "bought" any new CDs in a while (unless buying CD-Rs to burn them on counts...), but my most recent acquisitions are as follows: Sonic Youth - Dirty Brian Eno - Another Green World (amazing album - timeless) Edan - Primitive Plus LFO - Advance Television - Adventure (I think Marquee Moon's the best album ever made, this is nowhere near as good but still damn fine)
  11. EL EF OH! and Plaid - Squance are class dance tunes. Anything by Orbital (before and including In Sides) and early Aphex too (although I prefer RDJ album era stuff but I wouldn't really recommend trying to dance to it). Haven't really found anywhere i REALLY like in Aberdeen yet. Tunnels is good for live bands, Kef has a decent vibe too.
  12. I'm looking for anyone who's interested in just messing around with synths/floops/guitars/pans for a collab aiming to make some kind of glorious psychedelic mess with beats. Main Influences: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Can, Brian Eno (his pop stuff), Boards of Canada, The Zombies, early Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The FLaming Lips. LFO, Television, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Edan, DJ Shadow, RJD2, Quasimoto, Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control etc... Yup. Anyone? Shit, that title should really read Rock too.
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