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  1. May not be near your hotel, but the Bon Accord is decent. Usually have about 10 ales on at a time.
  2. I thought NV were excellent - a great band to watch and listen to. They were very tight and great vocals throughout. Gotta agree with the comments about the chat though - really had to listen hard during quieter songs like Enola Gay to try and pick them out above the crowd noise. Just don't get why people pay that money and then talk all the way through the bands - there was a group in front of us who seemed to spend 90% of the gig chatting and facing away from the stage?!?! Also, for the second time in a week I almost had a trainer pulled off my foot by the carpet as I tried to move away from the bar at Moshulu!
  3. Is this definitely happening? Nothing about it on Mayhem's site, and the site that Moshulu's website links to is not the official Mayhem site???
  4. I would chip in, but I'm now the best part of a 100 quid out of pocket as I've got pairs of tickets for 3 gigs at the Lemon Tree!!!
  5. 1 x standing ticket available for Marilyn Manson at Braehead Arena this Saturday (8 December). I think the face value was 25, but would sell for 20. PM details if interested. Cheers
  6. For sale - 1 x ticket for Heaven and Hell at the Glasgow SEC on Tuesday 6 November. If anyone's interested, drop me a PM. Cheers
  7. I managed to get tickets on ticketweb, but date says 15 September not the 19th which is what FF have on their website????
  8. Moshulu - Sun 19th August! Woo hoo!!!
  9. Summertime - Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince.
  10. I'm going to drive down - probably stop off at my mates down south for a couple of nights to break up the journey a bit.
  11. Aye, according to the ad - it's tickets on-sale 9am on Friday.
  12. Surprised she's playing Aberdeen, but not complaining. Saw her in Glasgow on her last tour and she was very good.
  13. Dio and Queensryche at the Capitol, think it was in '84.
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