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japanese music


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Guest Gasss

Super-distorted garagey rock n'roll. Fucking incredible. 'Jet Generation' is the best place to start.

Yes! The loudest album ever made.

KAMINARI ONE! [explosion sound]

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Ah, most of my favourite ones have been mentioned, but Envy, Mono and Guitar Wolf are all awesome. Try Boris out too, either doom or rock depending on what album you listen to. YMCK are a poppy nintendo 8bit sound type Japanese band who are pretty good too.

I've always wanted to find an online broadcast of a Japanese rock radio station, but never had any luck finding anything - can anyone else help with this?

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Guest Phantomsmasher

Nikudorei (plus assorted other projects with the members involved.)



Not pleasant at all, but great to listen to. Plus my other favourites like boris, MxBx and Boredoms had already been suggested.

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Of course most of those bands are in Europe most of the time, so there'll be less chance of catching them live! Saw Thee Machine Gun Elephant at The 100 Club years back - they were awesome. Some of my fave bands are Japanese - the aforementioned, Polysics, Pizzicato 5, Melt Banana, Cornelius... plus my favourite author, Haruki Murakami. There must be a word for it, it's so common... Japanophile? Nipponophile?

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