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  1. Although the battery on the G1 is well worse than the iphone's.... my favs are: air mouse - control the mouse and keyboard on my computer from bed mocha vnc - vnc pp simplify media - stream all music from my computer aka a 140GB ipod now. Sometimes takes ages to buffer though guitar toolkit - tuner, chord library etc manifesto - rss reader flixster - cinema times vlc remote, iampremote - control vlc and winamp from bed wikipanion beejive - msn with push ebay, facebook rkfree - track my runs with the gps as for games, don't play much but rolando, original wolfenstein, paper toss, icopter....
  2. In student halls 2 years ago, I actually lived two flats down from him. Seemed a nice guy, never got to know him much though.
  3. I would say mouse gestures is a must (think it's "all-in-one" i've got). You can go back by holding the right button and clicking the left, and forward by doing the same the other way around. Also drawing specific actions with the right button does different things. Once you're used to it, it makes life a lot quicker (and annoying on other computers without it).
  4. The reason I've gone back to my XP partition is because of the wifi. Was forced to switch from a direct connection to wireless due to a new router and haven't got round to getting it to work. Proabably take forever troubleshooting it and looking through forum replys all contradicting each other Probably gonna reinstall with KDE(kubuntu) instead of gnome soon, and sort it out then. I do prefer linux over windows though, it can just be a bitch to set up quite minor things. A lot more time is wasted into setting stuff up, sorting problems etc. I'd say it's worth it though (for compiz too )
  5. The only concern is that they might be updating them soon to better hardware. Hasn't been updated in a long time so theoretically it should be soonish. There was also talk of them being discontinued, but i think that was false speculation.
  6. The betas have actually been out for a long time now to try. Been very stable for ages now too. But yeah, the official release is only 2 days away, so may as well wait for that. It is a big improvement though, a lot faster and some good new features (address bar).
  7. It's wireless. If you've got a router with wireless, just go into the wii settings and it'll search for it and connect (with passkey). Got it a few days ago and been playing it a lot. Works better than the wheel than i thought, and online is awesome. Anyone else notice how many french people there are??
  8. Yeah my bad, i always thought they were (seemed they came straight off a cd onto a computer). Looking at wikipedia, they are both encoded in the same way, so are very close. I meant it in the sense that apple made it to directly compete with mp3. They are both lossy filetypes, in the same way i would say wma is microsofts version of mp3. But yeah, they're totally seperate encoders and they have to be seperately supported.
  9. Yeah, apple lossless is apples equivalent of flac. If you're not using high quality headphones (ie new ones) then it's not worth it. It's not really worth it anyway on an ipod anyway imho, but that's up to you. WAV is what cds are and they're not really worth keeping. Lossless formats can be converted back to wav with no loss, so you may aswell keep them. Yeah, they do take up more space (uncompressed). AAC is apple's version of mp3, so yeah, lossy. I think they are better quality for the filesize compared to mp3, there's a lot of comparisons on the net. I personally keep all my music in mp3 though, as it is the set standard and is used by everything. Buy a new mp3 player that doesn't support it and you'd be fucked. Also for stuff like mp3 cds to work in dvds players/cars etc. Watch out not to convert your mp3s to aacs (as itunes can make you do) since this is transcoding and is really bad for quality. This goes for any lossy to lossy. You'll be fine going from a lossless to lossy though. That's one of the reasons for keeping your collection as lossless...you always have the power of converting to anything without transcoding. Also, if you're going to start ripping to mp3, get yourself eac, and use lame (the name of the encoder). It is the standard for top quality mp3s. Here's a tutorial jiGGafellz' Step-by-Step Guide to Secure CD Ripping w/Exact Audio Copy to help you with that. EAC secure rips, and ensures exact copies from your cd. Hope that helps (and hope i've been right). Don't know anything about AIFF though.
  10. They're supporting Against Me! in Glasgow tonight. Should be awesome.
  11. If you're interested Ahem. is the blog of one of the moderators there, Paine. There's also a semi-official forum and irc channel being used. It used to get backed up every morning so it's possible about getting it back, but who knows. No plans at this time. And yeah, alan (OiNK) is out on bail until december.
  12. Yeah i thought this would be a thread for the metal band - they're really good. Can't really say it's a flaw though, since it's just how it works. There's not really any way to differentiate between the two, unless something was manually put in place. Maybe all the ones with the metal side of tagging has a seperate page to the other. That would create more 'flaws' though.
  13. Hasn't it been out since last year? Good album anyway.
  14. YouTube - Clerks 2 - Lord of The Rings vs Star Wars
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