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  1. Monk Rocker

    For sale: Tokai "Lawsuit" Strat

    I've got one of these and is a really lovely guitar. If I had to keep only one of my guitars this would be it. Snap up a bargain folks:-)
  2. Monk Rocker

    What's the best practice amp to buy?

    Fender Blues Junior
  3. Monk Rocker

    FOR SALE: Ampeg (B5R) / Hartke (410XL) bass rig

    I used to use the exact same rig with a Stingray and it sounded absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately the Ampeg head died and they were as helpful as a thorn in the ass. Sadly put me off ever using Ampeg again:-( That said, it was the best sounding amp I've ever had;-)
  4. Monk Rocker

    new deadloss demo (rough)

    That's pretty cool:-)
  5. Monk Rocker

    Gear that you want

    Stingray 4 string in powder blue with maple fingerboard:-) http://www.keymusic.com/en/product/Musicman-Classic-Stingray-Powder-Blue-Maple
  6. Monk Rocker

    Yngwie Malmsteen

    I love these gear videos! Would be cool to do a little video feature here with people's set-ups:) In the old days, you could have set AUBmeL round to folks rehearsal space to shoo a short vid!!!
  7. Monk Rocker

    Yngwie Malmsteen

  8. Monk Rocker

    Some varied stuff for sale

    Thanks dude, I'll check it out:)
  9. Interested in a Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman 5 string?
  10. Monk Rocker

    bass overdrive?

    Not used one myself, but many folk swear by the VT-bass.
  11. Monk Rocker

    Gear that you want

    I just want gear that works:-(
  12. Monk Rocker

    New music/novelty shop

    Sadly there's still a lot to be learned regarding customer service. My wife went in looking for a specific item for a Christmas present and the chaps were very helpful. Took her details and said they would call once they'd looked into it. They never bothered to call back, not even to say they couldn't get it. I popped in at the weekend and wasn't even acknowledged in the store - in fact I felt quite awkward as all the staff were just talking amongst themselves behind the till. I'm the kind of person that would rather buy locally, even if it means paying a little more and waiting a little later for my stuff. I'll not be asking them to order anything for me. Sorry, but not all feedback is positive.
  13. Monk Rocker

    Top 10 gigs of 2011.

    1. Vintage Trouble, Ironworks, Inverness. Been really into these guys for a good while and was really pleased to be on the same bill as them three times this summer, but never able to see them. Seeing your favourite band of the moment in your home town is always a special moment, and this surpassed my every expectation. 2. Belleruche, Bannermans, Edinburgh. Gig was cancelled and we found out that it was rescheduled on the way down. Small crowd, no soundcheck, technical issues but amazing performance. Probably wouldn't have been the same if it had gone without a hitch! 3. Levellers, Kendal Calling Managed to catch only half their set before playing, but it was one of those nostalgic experiences. A setting sun on a blistering day, clouds of dust from people jumping!! Just the right band at the right time in the right place! 4. Smoove and Turrell, Kendal Calling Fantastic, inspiring performance. Ended a perfect day! 5. Newton Faulkner, Belladrum I'm not at all into singer/songwriters, but he very surprisingly managed to hold my attention for the entire time he was on stage. (and if we're allowed to include one of our own gigs.... Ironworks, opening for Craig Charles. Venue was packed out. We've worked a fair bit with The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, and being introduced in your home town by one of your heros as "one of my favourite bands" was a very special moment!)
  14. Monk Rocker

    Some varied stuff for sale

    That's one sweet pedalboard:-) Don't fancy selling your Deep Impact yet;-)
  15. Monk Rocker

    Favourite records of 2011?

    Simples for me - Vintage Trouble, The Bomb Shelter Sessions