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  1. I'm trying to lay my hands on a font - ITC SERIF GOTHIC - does anyone have it? If you are able to send it over to me I would be eternally grateful and probably shower you with Planet Boo gift(s). Ta like.
  2. Yes, I saw it... amazing that in the 90 minutes of the documentary they couldn't get anything in there that hadn't been told a thousand times. A good documentary though, brought a tear to my eye in places, seeing Tony Wilson, thinking about his great stories and how he'll never tell any more in person. I lived in a tower block overlooking the Factory offices for a time, and now knowing the Hacienda is a block of poncey flats makes me not want to go back and visit.
  3. Moss the munter was on the cover of the NME last week with her skeletal arm around Bobby Gillespie. A little trick though - if you cut the offending article's head off it reveals Nabu from 'The Mighty Boosh' giving wee Bob a loving cuddle. A much more pleasing scene all round. ...and personally - I like a fatty actually, if it means Beth not Kate.
  4. The Bis single was rushed out by Chemikal Underground after all the interest - the reason it only charted at number 25 is the bank would only give them enough money to press 10000 singles, which all sold out. If these rules had been in place they would have charted much higher.
  5. 'Funeral Tango' by Scott Walker - for these lyrics - Ah, I can see them now Clutching a handkerchief And blowing me a kiss Discreetly asking how How come he died so young Or was he very old Is the body still warm Is it already cold All doors are open wide They poke around inside My desk, my drawers, my trunk There's nothing left to hide Some love letters are there And an old photograph They've l aid my poor soul bare And all they do is laugh Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - ha, ha, ha! Ah, I can see them all So formal and so stiff Like a sergeant-at-arms At the policeman's ball And everybody's pushing To be the first in line Their hearts upon their sleeves Like a ten-cent valentine The old women are there Too old to give a damn They even brought the kids Who don't know who I am They're thinking about the price Of my funeral bouquet What they're thinking isn't nice 'Cause now they'll have to pay Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - ha, ha, ha Ah, I see all of you All of my phony friends Who can't wait till it ends Who can't wait till it's through Oh, I see all of you You've been laughing all these years And now all that you have left Are a few crocodile tears Ah, you don't even know That you're entering your hell As you leave my cemetery And you think you're doing well With that one who's at your side You're as proud as you can be Ah, she's going to make you cry But not the way you cried for me Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - ha, ha, ha Ah, I can see me now So cold and so alone As the flowers slowly die In my field of little bones Ah, I can see me now I can see me at the end Of this voyage that I'm on Without a love, without a friend Now all this that I see Is not what I deserve They really have a nerve To say these things to me No girls, just bread and water All your money you must save Or there'll be nothing left for us When you're dead and in your grave Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - HA HA!
  6. I loved the book... then again, you may have had a poor translation - there are two translastiors of Haruki Murakami's writing, and the difference between the two is quite disconcerting...
  7. I instantly thought of iced biscuits at birthday parties as a child. Brought a tear to my eye, it really did. I fucking hated those biscuits, slippery on the tongue and way too sickly.
  8. Yeah, I loved the Garbage one, and the cool Bond-esque video too. I have to go with 'You Only Live Twice', although there's barely been a bad Bond theme. Having said that, the latest one is pants.
  9. Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls Mulholland Drive Beat Girl A Clockwork Orange Edward Scissorhands
  10. I love it - takes me back to when I was a floppy fringed teen in love with Wendy from The Popguns.
  11. Of course most of those bands are in Europe most of the time, so there'll be less chance of catching them live! Saw Thee Machine Gun Elephant at The 100 Club years back - they were awesome. Some of my fave bands are Japanese - the aforementioned, Polysics, Pizzicato 5, Melt Banana, Cornelius... plus my favourite author, Haruki Murakami. There must be a word for it, it's so common... Japanophile? Nipponophile?
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