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  1. Unfortunately i've had to stick it on ebay as i literally can't wait any longer Anyway, here's the listing if any of you guys would still like to buy it! Joe '62 Danelectro Silvertone 1448. Brilliant Condition! on eBay (end time 13-Apr-10 15:40:07 BST)
  2. Hi firebirdsligner - i've just sent you a pm! joe
  3. Michael, that's cool - just give me a shout when you have the money, and if i still have it, it's yours! You're right, i probably will regret it a whole lot, but i'm lucky enough to have two other guitars i love, so i'll be fine in terms of playing shows etc. It is a bit of a kick in the teeth to be selling it for such a terrible reason though...
  4. ah nice one well, give me a shout when you're ready! actually, if you had a ballpark timescale i could probably keep it for you? buchanan clarke and wells have waited for me to pay up for over a year already, a little longer isn't going to hurt...
  5. haha yeah, fair enough! really hope somebody does want to buy it locally, otherwise i'll have to stick it on ebay, which doesn't seem right, not for a guitar this precious!
  6. Ah cool! It's good to know they didn't screw up the re-issue, as the first set of DC-59's that came out were pretty flimsy. Bigsby, that sure is a nice silvertone! I'm half tempted to ask if you'd trade it for the 1448, despite the fact i need money and not a guitar haha... Joe
  7. Hi there! Yes it really is an amazing guitar. Just amazing to hold and play - lots of fun! I'm having to sell it to pay off council tax debts - literally the worst reason in the world to lose a guitar. Sometimes i wish i had a real job, oh well! Out of interest, how are the new re-issues? They have the frosted lipsticks right? They look very well built!
  8. Sadly, i'm having to sell my favourite guitar in the world, a Danelectro Silvertone 1448. I'm looking for 250 ono - they can go for quite a bit more on ebay, so i'd consider this a total bargain, especially if you're living in aberdeen (no postage costs etc). The guitar was made in the early 60's and this is one of the best examples i've ever seen - brilliant frets, neck, original skate key tuners, very few marks. Here are some pictures and a video link... Silvertone 1448 Thanks for reading! Joe
  9. Its me! i want it! i will buy it asap! i'll send you a message with my telephone number and email address. Cheers, Joe
  10. hi lomega, probably around 10 o clock i reckon! joe
  11. What kind of snarling dog is it? I've been looking for the yellow one with the ring mod switch on the back for ages!! Joe
  12. Hi there, I'm looking to buy a cheap second hand guitar stand. Can anyone help me out? Hope so! I'd like to pay 5-10 - let me know if you can help out Cheers, Joe
  13. yeah, you made lots of mistakes. how about you put in some god damn practice once in a while huh?
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