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  1. I think this is a great idea. I guess shows like The Choir have brought about a greater interest in singing groups and it's particularly nice to see something like this taking place amongst young kids. I volunteer at a school so may mention it to some of the teachers next week when term starts again. Thanks, and good luck.
  2. Also, can someone confirm that The XCerts will be support for this gig?
  3. Are there any tickets left for this? Tried OneUp and Ticketmaster at the Tourist Info place, but both are sold out. Ticket Web from the Warehouse website says tickets are available on the door? Does that just mean on the night? Or....now?!
  4. god damn me being in japan when cool shit like this is happening!!! although to be fair, i was lucky enough to catch their inpromptu moshulu gig last christmas, where they played a huge range of songs from all the albums and it was, quite frankly, the best idlewild gig i've ever been to but oh, sob sob, i miss live music
  5. I'm surprised no one's mentioned this one yet..... Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields, Sold in a market down in new orleans. Scarred old slaver know hes doin alright. Hear him whip the women just around midnight. Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good (a-ha) brown sugar, just like a young girl should A-huh. Drums beating, cold english blood runs hot, Lady of the house wondrin where its gonna stop. House boy knows that hes doin alright. You should a heard him just around midnight. Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good (a-ha) brown sugar, just like a black girl should A-huh. I bet your mama was a tent show queen, and all her boy Friends were sweet sixteen. Im no schoolboy but I know what I like, You should have heard me just around midnight. Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good (a-ha) brown sugar, just like a young girl should. I said yeah, I said yeah, I said yeah, I said Oh just like a, just like a black girl should. I said yeah, I said yeah, I said yeah, I said Oh just like, just like a black girl should.
  6. I seem to recall that the first time I met Stuart Maxwell was when we met Idlewild and he yelled something retarded at Roddy Woomble's parents! nice!
  7. i reckon it's cos schools in japan are the most boring places in like, the world. kids need to find something to amuse themselves with instead of listening to the teacher. except when the teacher is me of course
  8. Yeah I was just about to say there was already a big thread about this. Some very interesting points having been raised and all. Read it! Animals are rad. Humans just kinda fuck everything up I find seagulls scary. They could totally batter me to death. I think we need to know our role in the natural scheme of things!
  9. There is the face of a ghost in the wall of St Machar Cathedral There are three big stained glass windows up behind the altar and on the wall just to the left of the left-most window inside, about halfway down you can see the face of a ghost. Obviously this is just the cut of the stone, but churches are pretty creepy anyway so it still gives you a bit of a shiver.
  10. aaaawwww gillian welch genius
  11. False - I do not really know any songs by The Carpenters but apparently they're big in Japan because people always tell me they like them and ask me if I like them......including my 14 year old students! TPBM can speak languages other than English
  12. i was just thinking this morning on the way to work "OH! Ray Lamontagne, shoulda recommended Ray Lamontagne!" Good call! Allllllso, Regina Spektor. Shes a tricky one to classify, because every one of her songs has a different style. But most of them are piano based. And pianos are technically acoustic. Though I imagine you possibly meant acousticy guitar type choons?!?! But regardless, everyone should listen to her cos she's ruddy fantastic! You know the ridiculous thing is, my ex-boyfriend did a radio show at our uni station, and he only played acoustic music. That was how I met him. And got even more into acoustic music. And I cannot for the life of me remember half the stuff he played!!!! Obviously I have just deleted that phase of my life from my memory for some reason!!!
  13. fadgin gave me androgynous on a compilation he made me once, and i LOVE it. but never got round to buying an album or anything. seems i will have to purchase (download) let it be!
  14. false - quite intrigued by and interested in this new game! TPBM has snogged the person above me
  15. false-though i used to really wish i owned one TPBM is from aberdeen but no longer lives there
  16. Ryan Adams (most of his albums feature acoustic music actually but Heartbreaker, Love is Hell, Jacksonville City Nights and Cold Roses are particularly lovely!) Bob Dylan (Freewheelin Bob Dylan is entirely acoustic and bloody fantastic, and The Times Are A Changin is also some good acoustic listenin) Nickel Creek (ooohhh bluegrassy goodness!) Jose Gonzalez (who I saw in August and was unbelievably fantastic in a grassy field at sunset with fewer than 50 members in the audience with just his acoustic guitar and incredible voice! oh he makes me shiver) They've been said before but just wanted to second them!
  17. also i dont know why i just equated believing in god to liking the spice girls somewhere in my brain the analogy makes sense
  18. yeah, sometimes i think it can be hard to justify what you believe in. sometimes people believe just because they need SOMETHING you know?! think of it this way, for me this is the case anyway...in most cases I can explain to someone why I like the music that I like, or why a certain song sticks out for me as being particualrly fantastic. i love the way the guitar sounds, the lyrics are meaningful, the drumming is tight as fuck, its catchy, its uplifting, its moving, its beautiful, etc, etc. but then sometimes, i just cant explain why i like something. its just like, this feeling, i like it BECAUSE i like it. does that even make sense?! does anybody understand what i mean?! maybe its just me. but in that vein, i can understand why a lot of people are spiritual or religious, even if they cant justify that belief. i think for the most part, people realise that the bible is supposed to be metaphorical. it isnt intended to be taken literally. but if people really believe in it. let them be. its a matter of opinion at the end of the day. "do you believe in god?" "yes" "why? its not possible that he exists/did this/did that" "but it is" "but its not" "but it is"......."do you like the spice girls" "yes" "why? theyre crap" "no theyre not" "yes they are" "but theyre not" "OOOHH but they are"
  19. they invented their own language. which they call "space talk" theyre hilarious live. the chick on the synths is always just so straight, and deadpan. and their outfits are so cool. they sell polysics sunglasses at their merch stand for what i guess is about 100 quid! needless to say, we went for the "TOISU OR DIE!" tshirts instead. i would love to see them again. if anyone wants to see something pretty awesome, check out the video for "I, My, Me, Mine" on youtube. It features a 12 year old girl called Strong Machine 2, who is a fantastic pop and lock dancer. Her father, Strong Machine, is a Buddhist monk and they live together at a temple where they practise dancing. On youtube there is also a briliant video of them performing together, dancing to Phantom of the Opera and Daft Punk. Worth a look. Remember, the dude's a monk - monks are fucking cool!
  20. who's gonna do the moshulu job after u leave?!
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