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  1. maybe the guy has OCD or some affiliated disorder and feels the need to purge. you just never know. he could be in a wheelchair.
  2. Boris you're not getting a description though you don't deserve one
  3. affy good night, KMVNI were particularly devastating and i found 50 outside in uk currency along with a bag of skunk and some weird purple pills so we all went and fucking wrecked stuff and fucking hell it was a great night and i have a new tattoo of a drunk ogre crawling along my foot. good job gloagencatmeister.
  4. i'll probably be elbow deep in kid puke that night. shame. looks good!
  5. i love the fact rivers cuomo is whiney, self obsessed, prostitude gobbling nonbo. you listen to the blue album and you think he'd be really sweet. well no! no way! nothing past pinkerton ever excited me so i can't say i'm particularly gutted to be honest. apart from 'Crab' which is a great song. the more 'stylish' they got, the worse they sounded. nice lime and pink stripey trousers though, big props on that.
  6. yes, and more hateful. i didn't even think it was possible! face the truth lime. thom yorke's a waistcoated style mulleted binraker, and this album reeks of saturday afternoon strolls round duthie park with a melted ice cream dribbling down your hand and a dog pissing down your leg.
  7. hmmm. what i've heard just sounds like a more stripped down version of yet another radiohead record i could probably be entirely ambivalent about. always the way these days. good, but not exactly mind blowing.
  8. taken! by the five fingered flotist
  9. lovely as-new soft padded acoustic guitar case burning a hole in my closet. if someone can use it then you're welcome to it. pm me. or don't. either is fine.
  10. boss

    Free stuff!

    can we also please have the following items from your home: the reich bermuda triangle catflap victory derek pakora fortean times thanks!
  11. I got my copy today after much suspense! Also had a copy of the leaked version but hadn't listened to it too much as i kinda wanted the impact of going into town specially first thing on a monday morning to buy a cd then come home and listen to it for hours on end. Something i haven't done in such a long time, thanks to the internet! The more i listen to the cd the more i love it, completely not what i was expecting though. On first listens i'd thought it was a bit mixed up but now it just seems impossibly congruent. Can't wait to delve deeper with lyrics etc. Oh and totally wowed by the 3d artwork, really cool touch. Yay for June 10, it can't come soon enough.
  12. boss

    Sandi Thom

    I used to live next door to Sandi Thom. My mum was shocked that she didn't know what 'broth' or 'macaroni cheese' were, and states that her mother basically fed her on mars bars and crisps. I'm not a huge fan of her music, but well done to her, I'm sure she'll be 'living the dream' in no time. I hope she eats better these days.
  13. peep show and nighty night are the funniest tv shows i've ever seen. i missed friday's episode. when is the E4 repeat?
  14. i like the video,which appears to imply they live in an american suburb, go to an american high school, and play american football. really true to their roots.
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