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:best venue in aberdeen:


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10th august drakes

Just back from my first gig in aberdeen. Our band is called Gauche and we played with a new local band called Mr.Cypher. Had an awesome time. Damn Hot it has to be said!. Great crowd. Drakes really has a good atmosphere - thats the advantage of small venues.

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Lava was good but kef sucks - its turned all evil and anti-under 18

Drummonds is good cept its ALWAYS too hot and the bar staff aint friendly!

Drakes wins hands down!

Sharon is a babe and the coolest!

and you cant have a good bar without nicky casino

and they have losts great bands and really good door prices!

everyone in drakes are happy and cheery!


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Guest stuartmaxwell

i think liquid nightclub is the best place to go

:swearing: :O

nah, tis got to be the doc's

what an ace venue, they bring live music to aberdeen pretty much every night, sharon is a goddess, ca$ino should be awarded and obe for his contribution and its independant!!

keep it sweaty its the way it should be!!


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