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  1. Answers to the name Charley Will bite From the Milleneum Under 7000 miles done 250CC W-Reg Excellent condition, cover and chain included. For enquiries either send me a message or text 0977576723 1200 o.n.o
  2. Bearnock Country Centre is the location, 12th of June (my birthday!) is the date of execu- err, ecstatification, Doctor Nancy Davies is the unwitting sucker, Poundland is a fantastic idea, how have I survived this long without you, you Onion-terrorizer, you.
  3. Whaddya mean "not to me"?!? You said yes! I've booked the venue, gotten a pretty, little dress; found a progressively forward-thinking minister... don't tell me you've forgotten!
  4. Anyone got a bunch I can borrow ( maybe rent, trying to do this thing on a very tight budget) to make the venue all classy-like? Thanking you in anticipation of a positive reply, Casino
  5. /Squeal! I'd be forever grateful.
  6. /Sigh Guess I'll never be the very best...
  7. Someone told me to check that lavatory out last year, I didn't realise they were actually closed. The ones down at the beach are similar and fantastic, when I'm having an ice-cream with The Wolf I always go in.
  8. I split at the start of the year. I'd have to give the nod to Jimmy as being the most chrasamatic of the Bassment/Moshulu staff, Slim's all that and a slice of fried gold.
  9. I think pawn shops let you sell them stuff and then withhold it from public sale for a period allowing you to get the money to buy it back later on; a loan with whatever you give them as collateral. I once sold a bass so I could... err buy some booze, I really regret that now.
  10. Ooh I'd like the sink too and a shower/bath version if possible, make it a whole bathroom set. I very much doubt the water the cistern uses is the same as in the tank, you could either recess the real cistern into the wall so it's hidden or use an altenative flushing system; something involving the transperambulation of pseudo-cosmic anti-matter perhaps. /ponder
  11. http://www.elseware.to/products/aq.htm I want one of these.
  12. The highlight for me was watching it with Nikolai Volkoff.
  13. Thanks everybody, I think I will leave the rest of my hair as it is and just make up a story (knife-fight, mange, pumas, etc) should anyone ask about the missing bit.
  14. My worst nightmare come true: I have run out of Brylcreem in the Gel-forsaken land of Americano's (Blue jeans and Chinos they have in abundance). I made the somewhat rash decision of shaving all my hair off but bottled it part-way through, my question to you, the beautiful people of the Wasteland is, do I go all the way and shorn my locks completely from my head as Delilah did unto Samson or do I simply accept the fury that fate hath wrought upon my scalp and spend the next few weeks with a partial-undercut (/shudder), the redneck-favourite, until my hair grows back? I am currently sporting my regular jet-black, slicked-backed 'do except for a 1.5inch stripe of scalp starting from my right-hand temple to the right-hand nape of my neck. I can't decide whether to make the whole of my head uniform or to leave this one strip of exposed scalp, which many a story can be attributed to, such as I was mauled by ravens, as a somewhat ambiguous mark of distinction that could be coupled with an eye-patch for even greater sex-appeal. In a nutshell; shave my head or leave it intact with one (1.5 inch) stripe of hair missing from the right-hand flank? The choice... is yours!
  15. www.beyondthebeatgeneration.com From the site: "We broadcast 24 hours non-stop through the Internet the music formerly known as: Hippie music, Underground, 60's punk, Flower Power, Mod, Free-Form-Freak-out, Garage music, Psychedelia or Teen Beat, the weirdest, the worst, the most powerful and nastiest ever recorded. During the 60's all teens were obsessed by music, but only a few touched surface, all groups wanted to be, sound like, or look like 'The Beatles', 'The Rolling Stones', 'Pink Floyd', 'The Doors', 'Jefferson Airplane' or 'The Velvet Underground'. Music was a movement. Music was the expression of a lifestyle. Music was politics, a protest against establishment, wars and society."
  16. Aaaaah now it makes sense (I guess). *sigh* My hero... waitaminute where the Hell are you the rest of the time? You know I need constant supervision.
  17. Yes boss, keepin' quiet now boss.
  18. o_O What's this?!? I didn't go to the FMA as I am... um' date=' away. Hmmm, either this video is just another fake or my evil twin, Mendosa, survived plummeting down the Niagara Falls all those years ago... or maybe I really [i']was at the Fudge Music Awards this year? ?(
  19. /blush Aww shucks, I love you too, each and every one of you.
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