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  1. Hey man how goes it! I'm pretty interested in the head and cab. Any further details?

  2. in addition to my previous comment (and i appreiciate everyone being a bit nicer towards the lovely doorstaff at exodus) but if you throw drinks at people and take swings at the doorman, expect to get turffed out
  3. there is perfectly good cctv camera's situated all around the premises. Anything that happens in the club,in the stairway, at the doors is all well documented
  4. im going to be the hulk this year.
  5. I had mine done at rebals and ill definatly be going back. Richard is seemingly once of the best tattoo artists in the country...but as everyone has said, he is meant to be a bit of an arse
  6. the 3rd one is completed already i believe...but i quite liked this movie...it was the last half hour that disappointed me
  7. i go away on holiday and come back to this =] touching sentiment...oh and monkey boy =] i am so going to kick your ass x
  8. a bit too indie for me.nice ideas...a bit too samey samey....
  9. so we need crisps and drinks for......15 people. cool, i'd definatly go x
  10. fuck balls thats a great idea!
  11. if anyone wants tickets to see second:thought tear everyone a new asshole...just give me a message on here...or go to www.myspace.com/secondthoughtrock the later preferred....aberdeen music is terrible these days =] xx
  12. whos joining my dad and myself this year?
  13. with a name like cockshoot....she dosn't deserve a say.... =] xxx
  14. Gumpy


    so second:thought...i heard they were pretty good x
  15. the man is truely a legend...he just scares me somehow... didnt he write 'nothing compares to you'...or 'nothing compares' x
  17. yus min! that will be amazing!
  18. 36% aparently i need to loosen up a bit.....oh god i just got that
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