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  1. seetickets say they will be released any day now and be with you by friday as soon as i get mine im posting them off to someone else im having to sell them due to lack of anyone to go with.
  2. the first time he was arrested was because he was dressed as a police officer and part of the uniform he has is a genuine police uniform he has got from somewhere. and it is an offence to impersonate a police officer. they told him he needed to stop wondering the streets in his "uniform" and that there was nothing wrong with him wearing it but to at least cover up or get chanegd in the venue he was performing.
  3. i tried to laugh at the rangers fans in Ayr last night but they were all so grumpy. and giving excuses. "oh we were down to 10 men" "well all our good players are injured" "well your team is still shite" its like grow up. you lost. your only as good as your worst player. we still won. we cant be that rubbish is we beat you. fannys
  4. can anyone tell me if the game tonight is being shown on tv of any sorts? im in a town where its mainly rangers fans. and got to laugh when they lost last week and want to see what happens tonight.
  5. ok so although that company's site does not mention aberdeen they are the company. and for anyone else who wants to know: Hi Catherine, Thank you for the enquiry into public information pillars. We offer 3 different size posters, A3, A2 and full size which is 7 foot by 3foot. Normally all events posters are either A3 or A2. The costs of these postersare: A3 posters 3.00 per poster per pillar per week and A2 are 6.00 perposter per pillar per week. All you need to do is provide our maintenance man in Aberdeen with yourposters and he will display the poster in the pillars of your choice(subject to availability.)We have 9 pillars in total, Belmont Street, St.Nicholas Street, Broad Street, George Street, Chapel Street, Justice MillLane, Langstane Place, West North Street and Guild Street. All of ourpillars are strategically placed in high footfall areas for maximumexposure.
  6. eh ive found that web page days ago but searching for the company and man in mention brought me no results. it didnt appear to be the same company as you gave me the link for. it only mentions councils in england im asking on here cause as i said i dont live in Aberdeen so cant get to one to find the number thats on the side. i wasnt asking if anyone knew how much it was, im askign if anyone knows the company number or address so i can get a reliable source. why are so many people on this thing so hostile these days?
  7. that site doesnt seem to mention that it works with Aberdeen council though? ive looked at the other threads on here but its just people saying "yeah it costs 5 a poster per week" or "its 35 a week" but i need a credible source for my report. not just "some bloke on a web forum says its only a fiver"
  8. ok. so im stuck. i cant find anything that tells me how much it costs to advertise on them. im trying to add it to a marketing plan im doing for uni. but i dont live in aberdeen and cant get to the pillar to find a number or who owns them to ask. can anyone help?? asap please
  9. where you buy your clothes has relevance to my project. =] my project is music based but it does not focus enterially on music and gigs. hence why i ask about pubs and clubs as well. ive just done a whole dissertation on tattoos and piercings within the alternative music culture. and many people would say "whats body modifications got to do with music??" but its all linked. image, identity, subculture, use of space, etc
  10. well just like the last few gigs you've been to. or any memborable ones you've been to. last couple of months? its just to get a general idea
  11. Hey people im almost finished my commercial music degree but need some general answers to some questions about aberdeen and its alt scene to pad out a project im doing If you can either reply here or pm me (although i need to empty my pm box first...) id be sooo grateful thanks 1. What gigs have you been to recently? 2. What gigs have you coming up? 3. How do you hear about gigs? 4. What do you think of the local music scene? (general, dont go over board!) 5. Where do you socialise/ hang out? 6. If it is a pub, what did you do before you were old enough? 7. Do you like Aberdeen? 8. Do you think Aberdeen needs another alt. Club, pub or venue? 9. Do you feel the current ones need improved? 10. Where do you buy your music from? 11. Where do you shop for clothes?
  12. wow. really like the video. looks really good quality wise
  13. it aint christian at all. its the drugs inforcment agency lil chris has fucked off to LA so aberdeen wont get to see him. they do research and apparently it works.. doesnt seem to work on the crew though. ive been drunk all week long. just back from the inverness dates. got the AECC this week and SECC next week which is going to be fun to work at
  14. if anyone has a sibling in p7 they should hear about this. im on my work placement helping out at it and currently in inverness its basically a big show for kids about anti drugs etc but pop bands play at it including Bel's boys and Lil' Chris exciting stuff keep an eye out in the news anyhoo. its in aberdeen next week
  15. the best and in fact only good thing about Eurovision is Wogans commentary
  16. we should have gone for a rock song. look at Lordi. its obviously what the world wants haha not this pish. nil points
  17. haha i worked in drummonds for a wee while a few summers ago and spent forever reading all the stuff on the doors made me laugh lots.
  18. all i know is that Mull is that big. ie wouldnt take that long to travel from one end to another if you had to. (i think.. all i do is slag my mate off who's from Mull cause he had such a sheltered life cause of it)
  19. at first i thought you were being serious.... until it started
  20. i think the whole pissing on bottleing thing is wrong but have to agree with Ben on the 14/15 year old thing. If they weren't aware she was underage, and the girl was up for it then they aint to blame. when i was 14 i looked old enough to buy fags. so unless they decided to ID every girl who was up for comnig on their bus then they werent to know now if they'd kidnapped some girl and forced her to do stuff then fair enough many girls will do anything to be a groupie. (note i said many, not every)
  21. haha. drive by argument. er www.myspace.com/drivebyargument
  22. my mates band have just been told me they are playing =[ i want to go but have zero money =[ im going to try scab a ticket from them somehow..... find it a bit weird that they are playing though.
  23. if anyone needs posters for gigs or something check out DJ FLyers you can get 20 A4 and 20 A3 for just under 20 and they normally stick about 4 of each extra in as well really good quality and fast delivery look up piranprint for 200 tickets for 10 =]
  24. is that how you found it in the first place?
  25. hmmm. ive not gone WOW yet... but they both have "sold out" according to mean fiddler already
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