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  1. WoodyRATM

    Line 6 M13 with Expression pedals

    1 exp pedal now sold pending
  2. WoodyRATM

    Line 6 M13 with Expression pedals

    Hmm say £250 for the M13, and £30 for each of the exp pedals, or £50 for both. Dave
  3. WoodyRATM

    Line 6 M13 with Expression pedals

    I bought this a while ago on a whim. Great condition, still boxed and sounds great. Line 6 M13 with 2 x Line 6 expression pedals. Can upload pictures if people like £300 in Aberdeen, happy to ship at cost. Ta
  4. Bump - VT Bass sold. Deluxe DI still available. http://www.thomann.de/gb/tech_21_bass_driver_deluxe.htm?sid=fb824bb65551d68ddf453c452bf2a70d - Here it is here.
  5. Decided to just dive in with my lowest options. I'd accept £150 for the deluxe and £85 for the VT Bass.
  6. Hey all, Looking to shift my Sansamps as I've bought something else, and I need to get some cash back to offset the amount! 1) Sansamp Deluxe Bass Driver DI - Can have 3 channels and 2 basses, or 6 channels and 1 bass. Built like an utter tank. Great condition. Looking about £170 or so. 2) Sansamp VT Bass (v2) Pedal - Great pedal this - Simple to dial in great tones - can jump from a warm driven tone, to a snarling fuzz really. This is the 2nd edition which has the speaker emulation switch. I still have the box and stuff for this one. Looking around £100. Fire me off a PM if you're interested Will try and get some photo's. Cheers Dave
  7. WoodyRATM

    Shure SM58

    Sadly not.
  8. WoodyRATM

    Shure SM58

  9. WoodyRATM

    Shure SM58

    I've got an SM58 I'm not using. Used only for a few gigs. Still got the carry case and I think I still have the mic thingy. £60?
  10. WoodyRATM

    Brand new Marshall guvnor plus for sale/swap

    Is this the Mark 1 guv'nor or the newer silver one? Gotta price in mind?
  11. WoodyRATM

    Pedals, Amp, Bass for Sale

    Sorry mate - pedal sold today. Bass and Amp still here.
  12. WoodyRATM

    Pedals, Amp, Bass for Sale

    Sure mate - when would you be free? Are you in Aberdeen center?
  13. WoodyRATM

    Pedals, Amp, Bass for Sale

    Think you could use it for both, Unsure though. I've never actually tried it. Welcome to give it ago?