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  1. Hmm say £250 for the M13, and £30 for each of the exp pedals, or £50 for both. Dave
  2. I bought this a while ago on a whim. Great condition, still boxed and sounds great. Line 6 M13 with 2 x Line 6 expression pedals. Can upload pictures if people like £300 in Aberdeen, happy to ship at cost. Ta
  3. Bump - VT Bass sold. Deluxe DI still available. http://www.thomann.de/gb/tech_21_bass_driver_deluxe.htm?sid=fb824bb65551d68ddf453c452bf2a70d - Here it is here.
  4. Decided to just dive in with my lowest options. I'd accept £150 for the deluxe and £85 for the VT Bass.
  5. Hey all, Looking to shift my Sansamps as I've bought something else, and I need to get some cash back to offset the amount! 1) Sansamp Deluxe Bass Driver DI - Can have 3 channels and 2 basses, or 6 channels and 1 bass. Built like an utter tank. Great condition. Looking about £170 or so. 2) Sansamp VT Bass (v2) Pedal - Great pedal this - Simple to dial in great tones - can jump from a warm driven tone, to a snarling fuzz really. This is the 2nd edition which has the speaker emulation switch. I still have the box and stuff for this one. Looking around £100. Fire me off a PM if you're interested Will try and get some photo's. Cheers Dave
  6. WoodyRATM

    Shure SM58

    I've got an SM58 I'm not using. Used only for a few gigs. Still got the carry case and I think I still have the mic thingy. £60?
  7. Is this the Mark 1 guv'nor or the newer silver one? Gotta price in mind?
  8. Sorry mate - pedal sold today. Bass and Amp still here.
  9. Sure mate - when would you be free? Are you in Aberdeen center?
  10. Think you could use it for both, Unsure though. I've never actually tried it. Welcome to give it ago?
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