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  1. Hmm say £250 for the M13, and £30 for each of the exp pedals, or £50 for both. Dave
  2. I bought this a while ago on a whim. Great condition, still boxed and sounds great. Line 6 M13 with 2 x Line 6 expression pedals. Can upload pictures if people like £300 in Aberdeen, happy to ship at cost. Ta
  3. Bump - VT Bass sold. Deluxe DI still available. http://www.thomann.de/gb/tech_21_bass_driver_deluxe.htm?sid=fb824bb65551d68ddf453c452bf2a70d - Here it is here.
  4. Decided to just dive in with my lowest options. I'd accept £150 for the deluxe and £85 for the VT Bass.
  5. Hey all, Looking to shift my Sansamps as I've bought something else, and I need to get some cash back to offset the amount! 1) Sansamp Deluxe Bass Driver DI - Can have 3 channels and 2 basses, or 6 channels and 1 bass. Built like an utter tank. Great condition. Looking about £170 or so. 2) Sansamp VT Bass (v2) Pedal - Great pedal this - Simple to dial in great tones - can jump from a warm driven tone, to a snarling fuzz really. This is the 2nd edition which has the speaker emulation switch. I still have the box and stuff for this one. Looking around £100. Fire me off a PM if you're interested Will try and get some photo's. Cheers Dave
  6. WoodyRATM

    Shure SM58

    I've got an SM58 I'm not using. Used only for a few gigs. Still got the carry case and I think I still have the mic thingy. £60?
  7. Is this the Mark 1 guv'nor or the newer silver one? Gotta price in mind?
  8. Sorry mate - pedal sold today. Bass and Amp still here.
  9. Sure mate - when would you be free? Are you in Aberdeen center?
  10. Think you could use it for both, Unsure though. I've never actually tried it. Welcome to give it ago?
  11. I went to ebay last night and searched completed listings - they jumped between 70 to 150. I took the middle ground. Besides - The OC2, Oxide fuzz, LS2 and board are now sold.
  12. Right - yet more stuff for sale... 1) Iron Ether Xenograph (filter) - all these are custom built in the states - so save yourself a long wait and customs charges. £130. 2) Boss LS-2 - Great unit. Very useful for linking chains etc together. - £50? 3) Pedaltrain JR - been used for 1 practice. With Softcase - Been velcro'd already. - £75? Since it's pretty much new. 4) Moog EP-2 - Excellent expression pedal - works with CV inputs too. £20 5) Peavey Dynabass 5 string - Basic 5 string bass - needs some repairs to the controls but should be simple enough. I think it's just the control has fallen into the cavity. £75 6) Peavey Bass Amp combo - Unsure at present what it is... 75w I think - £50 Feelers.... 1) Boss OC2 - Brilliant octave pedal. Pretty rare I believe. £100? 2) Iron Ether Oxide (fuzz) - The best bass fuzz i've ever used. Again - fully hand built. £130
  13. Due to my band splitting up - I've decided to sell some of my stuff. I'm going to keep some of it (Fuzz, filters and octave) - for now at least... 1) EBS Multicomp - £80 2) Behringer Bass EQ - £15 3) SFX Switcher/Blender (2 loops with volume, 1 has blend, also has output and switch for external fx - non latching) - £150 4) Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihaliation - £50 5) Source Audio Multiwave Bass Distrortion - £80
  14. Hey guys, Bought this the other week to see how it performed after wanting to try it for ages. It will convert your bass signal to midi, so you can control synths etc. It has a thru output too so you could have both signals (bass and synth) at the same time. You could off course also use an AB unit and have more control (Bass/Synth/Bass+Synth) It works brilliantly (far better than I'd thought!) but I can't be bothered carrying more gear to gigs. Still got the box, instructions and wrist strap (no idea why it comes with this!) http://www.sonuus.com/products_b2m.html Looking for £60 or so.
  15. Death By Audio - now £60 Dubscope now £80 SFX looper - £170 PT-Pro - £120
  16. Hey guys - Some stuff for sale. 1) Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation - Bought this maybe 1 month ago? If that... used once - doesn't give me a sound I can use with my pedals. - Check the Death By audio website for clips. It's mental. - £75 2) CoPilot FX Dubscope - I've never even used this since buying it from Talkbass (from a dude in the states) - £90 - Has filter and fuzz and an LFO thingy. This one has been customised with some fancy options (Wet/dry blend. Option to switch off fuzz etc) - Youtube has some interesting clips. CoPilot dont seem to have much on the website. 3) SFX Loop - 2 seperate loops - both with independant volume controls, one of the channels has a blend control. I used it for my synth/fuzz channel. Also has a none latching footswitch for other uses. I used it as a down control for the Deep Impact. Could be used as a tap tempo foot switch i'd assume. Was custom built by Max for me. £185 4) PedalTrain Pro with sc - £135 - Velcro'd already. Still have the Voodoo labs bracket also. Holds an insane level of pedals. Bought new in March from effectspowersupplies.co.uk Happy for people to test etc.
  17. Awesomes - Can you PM your details? I'll need to get my pedals off the board tonight.
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