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  1. Hi there. Looking for a drummer to complete line up for a metal project. Looking for ages 17+ Has own equipment Two rough demos are on the following myspaz. JULIAN YEAR [New Rough Demos] on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads If interested fire me a message on here or on myspace. Thanks
  2. forgot Gav from Semprfi!!! He is awesome
  3. Paul West - Malera Steve Curtis - Oblivion Incarnate Ross Senkbiel - ex Dividing the Silence Nick Scholey - MMW / DTL
  4. this is amazing! 12 CANS AND RUNNING
  5. nhoj...... spell your own name backwards.
  6. Your First Mistake The Carrion ( aka To Our Glorious Dead) The Aftermath Saikano Dividing the Silence Feb 8th Drummonds Doors 8pm Cost 4
  7. Ren and Stimpy game- holy shit!!! i was after that when i was younger!!! if you are defo selling dibs!
  8. Hey aekido if your interested in playing bass PM a mob number or a msn addy to my mailbox
  9. Yeah it certainly is that guy your thinking of my friend - pm me your msn or mob number and we can maybe sort something. Fundly - yeah theres a reason i failed at english lol
  10. Thats fine Waddell just take it to the other thread.
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