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  1. I got a 2.1 in Biochemistry. Sooo happy
  2. Princess


    Just play euro classics all night!
  3. Princess


    one word: UKRAINE!
  4. I'm glad i'm not the only one that thought that. It's growing on me though!
  5. Ah, that's alright then. I thought i'd angered it. Msn has been fine all day.
  6. Can anyone else not get into hotmail? I've been trying for about two hours now.
  7. I love Kurt Vonnegut's books. I'm not too upset about his death though as i thought he'd already died..
  8. i'm going to love you just a little more baby?
  9. My mum's audi had the same problem. It was in and out of the garage a million times with various problems before they realised it was the computer they needed to replace. She replaced it with a golf and it's still going strong six years later (replacement is on the way.)
  10. Please steal Neil's before i'm finally forced to watch it.
  11. for those that missed it.. http://www.stv.tv/news/Former_inmate_blows_lid_on_prison_secret
  12. I'm just about to ebay my motorola V3 as i have a sexy new phone.
  13. That product isn't aimed at children and i doubt tescos ever intended for fathers to be buying there 8 year olds it for Christmas. The Peekaboo pole has been sold in sex shops for years now.
  14. Darn, could of saved myself a lot of money and travelling! If only you'd told me that in July.
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