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  1. but all those components are obsolete and completely useless.
  2. ill take one if i can get it for a fiver and a packet of bubblegum
  3. no camping in glasow i think look here... http://www.downloadfestival.co.uk/scotland/home/index.asp?eid=sco
  4. i need a guitarist who is up for a jam sometime soon. influences HAVE to include rage against the machine. and a good knowledge of most of their songs preferable. Ta, Dave.
  5. i might be getting a few people together for a jam. what kinda stuff do you like playin?
  6. I might be interested but to be honest im not very good. what kind of music?
  7. im looking for a personal CD player preferably with antishock protection and possibly able to play CDRW tho thats not a must can anyone help must be quite cheap for the spec ta.
  8. im available if anyone wants me. be warned ive only played a year and thats on and off and i really only like playing heavy music but ill try anything. atm i play RATM mostly(doesnt everyone) but i like the heavy stuff too i dont much like punk bit too happy i think
  9. im soooooooooooooooooo interested i wish i had 20 squids :( :(
  10. You are a True Metalhead. You dig the classic music and the classic lifestyle. As metalheads go, you're pretty open-minded in terms of music and lyrics; if it rocks, then you'll listen to it. Concerts are the pinnacle of the metal experience, though sometimes they get a little too crazy. You generally respect everybody else, but as far as you're concerned, they all wish they were Priest or Maiden.
  11. im intrigued but i dont know what im talking about and i dunno what your plans are care to divulge further???
  12. Davey Boy


    *sigh* you were being a childish idiot. if you are who i think you are you should be a little more respectful to other people on these boards.
  13. nope its quite crap standard GF2MX 400 with 64MB of graphics memory 1xVGA output
  14. i might know someone speak to ya on friday bout it. xx
  15. i have 256mb of sdram but i dont wanna sell it just incase im selling because im broke
  16. both are 17" the dell can goto 1600x1200 and the PB can goto 1280x1074
  17. Either my packard bell CRT or my Dell CRT offers???
  18. what a pointless post moira i might know someone
  19. for a new home 512MB DDR 2100 RAM. 40 i also have a Geforce2MX 400 graphics card up for grabs too if anyone wants it
  20. im sorry to say but i had an awful time!!! APC were awsome from what i could make of it as i was very drunk (which i didnt mean to be) i cried at 3 libras too so your not alone lyndsey :O
  21. im 5' 11" but i have large hands and bassists as a whole are an ugly bunch but you know we have bigger peepee's
  22. everyone always seems to overlook les claypool. he defined a bass as something is wasnt and now can be! a lead instrument.
  23. i have an idea http://www.shoutcast.com/ it uses limited bandwith and you can have interviews and stuff because you can switch between playing music from winamp to a mic input. the perfect internet radio station accessible to anyone with winamp. ALSO on top of that you can have guest DJ's connect to the server from their own computers provided they have Broadband they can do a good job and play their own set. i'd love if you would look into it, if you need any pointers or someone to help run it i have tonnes of free time.
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