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  1. The new eric euan e.p. Unification of the planets Available NOW! From One Up Records Belmont Street Aberdeen Only 4.00
  2. Now for your listening pleasure ‘Charlie takes the stage’ a track from our forth coming e.p. ‘unification of the planets’ Come check it out! www.myspace.com/ericeuan
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ check it out line-up is now complete
  4. The new eric euan four tack e.p "unification of the planets" is almost finished and is set for launch on May 6th we will be having a wee shindig at the moorings bar kicking off @ 8pm It will be the first opportunity to get your hands on a copy as well as a great line up of live music including The incendiary Turning 13 glasgow based singer songwriter Rory McIntyre And a dose of ‘terror pop’ from those crazy Cajuns Bill Ely and the Catnips Obviously a live set by eric euan which will feature the new songs We also plan on recording the show as a live album !! So if you want to feature on the recording with claps, cheers or even heckles and boo's! Come along and show your support thank you !! you can check us out @ www.myspace.com/ericeuan all support acts links in our top 8 An evening with eric euan To celebrate the launch of "unification of the planets" With Turning 13 Rory McIntyre Bill Ely and the Catnips 6th may 2006 Live @ the moorings bar Aberdeen Kicks off 8pm £3.00 on the door
  5. Sat 7th January 8pm 3.00 eric euan www.ericeuan.com www.myspace.com/ericeuan eric euan are a five piece from Aberdeen Scotland, who perform powerful alternative rock producing epic orchestrated guitar noise in an intense melodic style. There three guitar dynamic backed by a solid rhythm section and soaring vocals give them an epic sonic presence. An established live act , eric euan have had the privilege of playing alongside established bands such as; Kerbdog, The Delgados, Cayto, Deckard, El Presidente, MACROCOSMICA The band have recorded and produced two self released e.ps 2004s ADVENTURES AT THE EARTHS CORE and 2005s TRANSMITIONS FROM THE METROPOL Both currently available from the band at shows or contacting the band via the website ericeuan.com Always improving, forever pushing the envelope and gaining popularity with increasing momentum eric euan are never a band to disappoint. Emer www.emernoise.co.uk www.myspace.com/emernoise Emer are a three piece based in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Originally school friends Emer have taken on various names and line ups but in the past few years the current outfit has been making impressive head way in the music scene With dark acoustic ballads and crashing noise pop/rock anthems Emer have gained a back catalogue of crowd pleasers that could put many of the one album wonders of today to shame. With two song writers and a mass of different musical talents between the three boys theres plenty of opportunity for confrontation but its these differences that have turned into one of the unique things about the band. With on stage instrument swapping and weaving harmonies you get different sounds and styles while still retaining a consistency throughout. This is what gives Emer their wall of sound landing them gigs with bands like Snow Patrol, Desert Hearts, Macrocosmica and many more. Gav mainly Vox, Guitar, and Bass Guitar, Stephen the same and Cookie mainly drums they have crafted their sound at the uber-cool Chem 19 Studios (Of Chemikal Underground Records fame) in Hamilton and with the help of in house knob twiddling supremo Andy Miller (Mogwai, Scout Niblett, Sons & Daughters, My Latest Novel etc) they are about to release their debut single Windows Close and Speed of Dark on solid white 7vinyl with Gargleblast Records. The Alpacinos www.thealpacinos.com The Alpacinos have been annoying each other for quite some time now. Colin, Grunter and Eddy have lived together as siblings for all their unfortunate lives. Morph then Jamie arrived later, in a less spectacular fashion. Lingering threateningly on the edge of Glasgow it always seemed like an interesting place to invade. This finally occurred around about autumn 1997 and Glasgow hasn't quite made it back to its feet yet. Heralding from a place called Motherwell near Glasgow. It used to have the Ravenscraig steel works and proper jobs, and then there was the Milk Snatcher, now its just another post-industrial waste with nothing to do and nowhere to go. This sounds a bit bleak, but the place has always had a great music scene, with lots of bands out to have a great laugh and hammer out loud, live music. Over the last 4 years, the guys have been showcasing their brand of fast, filthy, melodic-punk all over the UK with a great response from punksters and industry insiders alike. The highlight has been support slots with New York's Step Kings of Roadrunner Records and Capdown of Householdname Records. They have also enjoyed gigging with The Swellbellys, Caffeine, B-Movie Heroes, The Real McKenzies, PlanA, Fletcher, Sona Fariq, and Groop Dogdrill. The Alpacinos are on the look out for a recording contract, but rather than sitting on their arses and waiting for it to happen they have been working hard to capture the essence of their live performance in the environs of the studio. They have produced 2 Singles and 2 EPs. Their latest EP "Awe That Kill Yer Granny Music" is already making waves on the local punk scene. Their world view is almost as fast and filthy as their music. They've not washed their hands for months, they're in your sister's bedroom, out on the road, raiding your fridge, drinking your dirty dish-water, harassing your pets and licking your dinner plates clean. They stand for fast filthy stunts of unapologetic punk-rawk-guitar-slapping debauchery - get out there and experience their live circus of daftness!! All the fun of the fair!!!
  6. hey! eric euan are playing Broken Sunshine's EP launch this friday (23rd) at Kef. Doors are open at 7pm and tickets are £4.50. The other bands are: Broken sunshine Stayover The Boring Ending Enrapture. eric euan will be giving away free 3 song cd's and free stickers just corner a band member on the night!!! check out www.myspace.com/ericeuan
  7. if you want to hear some tunes! www.myspace.com/ericeuan
  8. eric euan live @ the tunnels Friday 21st October @ the launch of red man walkings ep The night will also feature live sets by Red Man Walking Hydra & Amy Sawers Doors open at 8pm with first act on at 9pm and Entry is only 4. www.myspace.com/ericeuan
  9. tonight? if anyone is in the mood for it!!!!!!! tee hee!
  10. dead anyway entertainment, presents Eric Euan, www.myspace.com/ericeuan with very special guests from Glasgow Barbastel + Noma @The Moorings bar Doors 8pm 3.00
  11. dead anyway entertainment, presents Eric Euan, www.myspace.com/ericeuan with very special guests from Glasgow Barbastel + Noma @The Moorings bar Doors 8pm 3.00
  12. eric euan with special guests Red Man Walking live @ RGU UNION School Hill aberdeen Monday 19th September 9pm Im sure you need a student card to get in so if youre a student you should come along And get some loud guitar action And if your not you should try to blag your way in anyway!!! Check out www.myspace.com/ericeuan www.ericeuan.com www.deadanyway.co.uk
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