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  1. hey guys...apart from being scary clowns the awards were amazin...cheers! (esp craig )
  2. cough,glasgow, cough everyone can stay at mine afterwards...haha
  3. it's not...i stupidly bought two off ebay yesterday for my friend but he only needs one
  4. 180 (camping/weekend ticket) Pm or add lyndseyac666@hotmail.com if interested
  5. aw man..i could get tickets for the people's show on monday. aberdeen-music can only be useful really.
  6. man im so old..took me ages to see this thread. i apologise. thankies xx
  7. yaya paul said you were getting dragged oot... oh-oh oh-oh! it's conga time
  8. hello people. just thought i'd try get folks out this weekend cause i'm coming up and it'd be nice to see yas. mwah x
  9. oh hello mr stuart maxwell! sorry bout last night. brian that's terrible..i'll die before then!
  10. just what i do *rolls eyes* x
  11. i know of someone who has a birthday really near that date in january aileen....:party:
  12. Hiiiiii guys!!!!! heehee.. friendly fudge flat is cheap place to crash when u miss last bus home! sleeping on scabby sofa upstairs or in james's bed (ta james), sitting in bewteen james and brian as they snog! sitting on the roof at crazy o clock in the morning, messy messy kitchen, scary stairs (which sneak down in kmorning while fudgies still snoring)
  13. would anyone like to live in the west end of glasgow ,5 minute walk to byres rd/hillhead station over summer? pretty flat! rent 220-240 pounds a month from available from july (or june 20th) till september?
  14. I know two people who're looking for weekend camping tickets... they'd pay 150 each if anyone is offering
  15. i'd do it :o) I love subways!! plus I used to work a a chambermaid...
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