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  1. hey guys...apart from being scary clowns the awards were amazin...cheers! (esp craig )
  2. cough,glasgow, cough everyone can stay at mine afterwards...haha
  3. it's not...i stupidly bought two off ebay yesterday for my friend but he only needs one
  4. 180 (camping/weekend ticket) Pm or add lyndseyac666@hotmail.com if interested
  5. aw man..i could get tickets for the people's show on monday. aberdeen-music can only be useful really.
  6. man im so old..took me ages to see this thread. i apologise. thankies xx
  7. yaya paul said you were getting dragged oot... oh-oh oh-oh! it's conga time
  8. hello people. just thought i'd try get folks out this weekend cause i'm coming up and it'd be nice to see yas. mwah x
  9. oh hello mr stuart maxwell! sorry bout last night. brian that's terrible..i'll die before then!
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