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I do. It's surely the greatest thing on television, everyone is put off by the fact it's a T4 show called Popworld, but it's fantastic. Neither presenter, Simon or Miquita, have any interest in the world of Pop and blatantly dislike the majority of the guests.

Recent highlights for me have included Simon (it's witty gay presenter) asking some very-macho young RnB star how it felt having a HOMO in his hands after presenting it to him, claiming it was an online music award.

Simon being told by Kasabian that their mates said they would come and "fill Simon in" ("street slang" for beating him up"), to which Simon replied that being "filled in" by a gang of their mates sounded like a good offer. Much to their dismay.

And finally, when he blatantly told the drummer and guitarist from the Killers that he wasn't that interested in interviewing them because the singer wasn't there.

It's compulsary viewing.

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you do know it was created to promote s club 7

Of course!!

I love Popworld so much. Recent highlights for me were Toolbox Jury where one of the guys from Duran Duran had to rate that weeks releases with different sized tools depending on whether he liked it or not.

Fierce Girl interview - Simon genuinely appeared terrified.

Do Me Bad Things interview - "90 shoes? THAT's hideous."

Miquita: Oh, have you ever been to...*forgets the name*

Simon: *names many random places* Chessington World of Adventures? Narnia?

Simon: Ah, Verbilicious... And she is! Didn't you think she was 'verbilicious'?

Miquita: Yep. And she's managed to combine the words delicious, and...

Simon: Verbal

Miquita: Yep, so good on her.

Simon: And she lives up to it, of course

Miquita: What, so she's tasty and...

Simon: Able to use English. Yes. She does.

But the best thing ever had to be "Lemar From Afar" or when Sam and Mark (pop idol rejects) where on and the intro said "Sam and Mark. They're like the Beatles but worse. And without John or Paul... Or George."

Oh I could go on forever...

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fair enuf, its pretty funny to see these celebraties get the piss ripped from them, but the presenters on this show are just as bad as the people they interview. Seems to me like the show is so shit that they are clutching at straws. The guy presenter looks like Frodo Baggins and deserves a royal slapping!

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Neither presenter' date=' Simon or Miquita, have any interest in the world of Pop and blatantly dislike the majority of the guests.


See that's just not true. That's the whole thing about Popworld, it's the irony that makes it funny and fantastic and the irony is there in everything... Oh if only people got it.

Glad you like it, even if you don't understand.

Can I also suggest Holy Moly.

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I understand the irony of it, although I thought the irony was that neither of them are really into pop or know much about music in general, yet they present a pop programme. I haven't read the York notes on it or anything, that's just how I see it.

Either way, good programme. Personally I love lots of pop music, but it's still funny.

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if popworld were a human being i would make sweet sweet love to it all night long!!

it is quite possibly the BEST programm on television!

one of my particular favourites was "Simon at the Brits" giving charity wrist bands to celebrities...."Monkeys for Junkies" "Pyjamas for Llamas".......and scaring Gwen Stefani by offering her cheese...aaaahahahahaha! and talking to Sharon Osbourne about the MASSIVE cleavage of Kelly Osbourne, in the presence of Kelly Osbourne, much hilarity ensued!!!

Miquita is also aaaaace! She has the coolest voice in the world. On the way to London last month, on the sweatiest horrible-est longest megabus journey of my life, I woke up at three in the morning and decided to listen to my radio....three o clock in the morning - Radio One - Miquita fricking Oliver! Oh yes, her dulcet sounds soon soothed me back to sleep. Marvellous

Mon the Popworld!!!

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