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  1. A wee taster of what Aberdeen has to offer...
  2. Great effort by everyone involved. Can't wait for episode 2....
  3. We at Miss Lucid do enjoy negative feedback. Please don't stop on account of me being here. This is more interesting than work.
  4. Miss Lucid are playing with London trio, Bleech, on the 26th of April at The Tunnels. All you ML lovers should get down early, don't forget your sunglasses
  5. Have you noticed how much advertising there is on myspace/bebo? Myspace is making tons of money to marketers because there is so much traffic. The kicker is that we generate the traffic because we provide the content whether it be blogs, videos, bulletins or whatever. The point is that we are doing most of the work. Do we get paid. No. There is a social networking site like myspace that I found that does just that. Yuwie pays you for the traffic that visits your page(blogs,bulletins, pictures, etc.). It is also set up in pyramid scheme fashion. You get paid for the traffic generated by people that you refer to Yuwie, up to 10 levels. For example. Everyone who signs up under me would be on my 1st level. Everyone who signs up under them is on my second level. Everyone who signs up under those on my 2nd level are on my 3rd level. Everyone gets paid for traffic down to 10 levels. If nothing else please follow the link and watch the short introductory video. Visit this link to find out more on how to join up... Yuwie.com
  6. depends on what you think is local and on how much you want to pay. To be honest i dont know what most of that means, but im guessing its just things good studios have?
  7. Kenetic will be releasing their debut single FACING THE NORTH on the 13th of Aug The song is available now to preorder from indiestore.com - Kenetic - Home or you can TEXT indie kenetic 1 TO 78789 You can also catch Kenetic at one their upcoming shows: 29th June - Cafe Drummonds (Captain Face single launch) 15th July - The Moorings Bar The live video of "Nocturnal Waves" has been uploaded on the Kenetic MySpace for your viewing pleasure www.myspace.com/keneticband
  8. im sure he is delighted to hear that, any more priceless thoughts of stripey?
  9. Industry Showcase for tickets visit: www.lemontree.org
  10. Industry Showcase with Eskimo Blonde, Kenetic and Finewell First band on at 930pm 5 entry Gonna be Rowdy! http://www.myspace.com/eskimoblonde http://www.myspace.com/keneticband http://www.myspace.com/finewell
  11. America Freedom to Fascism Authorized version - Google Video Thoughts?
  12. i could video the event?? possibly get a couple cameras on the go. thoughts?
  13. Claire, Dan and I just went to see them at the Music Hall tonight. What an awesome experience and the atomsphere was quite overwhelming. Anyone else there?
  14. oh.. its actually on the 19th.. friday night
  15. ok, could you put the head aside... i shall comfirm things with my assoiciates tomorrow and we could possibly pick it up tomorrow night. Ill be in touch
  16. the head... how much for the head? give it to me!
  17. again www.myspace.com/keneticmusic thanks
  18. Please let me take this opportunity to tell all you naysayers about a few Kenetic shows that are taking place in the next few weeks Thursday 2nd November - The Tunnels, Underflow Wednesday 8th November - Jumpin Jaks, Battle of the Bands Saturday 9th December - The Moorings We also have a track which will be featured on th new Fat Hippy Sampler due out on the 5th of December So stop taking the piss and get your asses to some gigs dammit x www.myspace.com/keneticmusic
  19. i strongly recommend that anyone with a computer should download Line Rider. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40255643/ would be a cool thing to have on yer phone, ken?
  20. just a wee reminder... this show will be happening in about 28 hours, that means theres not long to decide what you'll be wearing. Better get your skates on then.
  21. Roll Up, Roll Up... Come see Kenetic play The Tunnels on the 28th of Sept. Also playing are The Cellars and there be very special guests appearing on the night. Bring your family, friends, pets and postmen. Entry is 3 at 730pm www.myspace.com/keneticmusic
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