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  1. hmm i wonder if someones going a bit off topic...and soundng a bit deparate at the same time haha! i thought it was meant to be a sure bet that a lot of people were going to go to that anyway! it sounds like a cracking gig too! might head along to that aswell at somepoint! its a good day for aberdeen music!
  2. i know what you mean! its almost like some people dont want a gig to be good in aberdeen anymore! the gig sounds like it'll be a cracker! especially if theres a good turn-out! same with any gig...the crowd makes it! ill be there!
  3. haha well if im being honest i guess i was being lazy...i couldnt really be bothered scanning to see if there other threads like this although i had suspected there might be! although i fail to see why the dudes running this place just let this thing run instead of getting rid of it! however i did leave my first comment kinda open ended. i understand that other people can find exactly what they want from the scene and thats cool. i was hoping that those guys spoke out and let me know what it is they like about the scene so i could perhaps experiance it for myself. i guess i was just frustrated and looking to see if there was anybody that felt the same. i have come up with a few ideas to encourage some enthusiam and if anybody else is interested in this kinda thing then send me a PM. this thread kinda turned into an example of the kinda shit i was on about.
  4. true...i guess i was just letting off steam! but the fact that theres 10 threads kinda highlights the problem even more!
  5. is it just me or is the aberdeen music scene a bit dull and not as exciting as some people make out? personally i dont think theres a lack of quality in the bands. there just seems to be no enthusiasm and a general lack of support. thers a lot of internal bitching between bands aswell. basically too many egos and not enough honest showmanship...anybody got anything to add that i may have missed out? anything good about the scene would be nice aswell!
  6. that was a cracker of a gig! every band was amazing. gigs are getting better and better in the deen!
  7. Experianced drummer wanted for band. We're starting from scratch again so we're extemely open minded on style. Up for a jam? Gimme a PM. Grant (bass)
  8. i think the songs are still in the development stage. the sound of the song could completely change by the time it came round to recording the track in a studio! we're still trying out things.
  9. hehe nah, theyre from the same jam u heard last night!
  10. ...called "the rise and the fall" recorded during a practise. http://www.myspace.com/collapseinchaos hope you enjoy it. the recording sounds a little sketchy but you'll get the idea! comments would be cool! cheers grant (guitar)
  11. cello player wanted to play with acoustic guitar music drop me a pm if ur interested
  12. cheers droogie!! iv changed it a bit. that should settle the debate!!
  13. looking for drummer. influenced by the likes of killswitch, children of bodom, slayer, shadows fall, chimaira, soulfly, sepultura, metallica, lamb of god, machine head, hatebreed, mastadon, devildriver, pantera, breeding through, bullet for my valentine, arch enemy, mudvayne, dimmu borgir, deicide, in flames, etc. drop me a PM if you think your interested! cheers
  14. Heavy metal band looking for singer/screamer INFLUENCES: killswitch engage, lamb of god, bullet for my valentine, bleeding through, pantera, devil driver, mastadon, metallica, black label society, hatebreed, machine head, slayer, chimaira, shadows fall, god forbid, iron maiden, tool, trivium, mudvayne, soulfly, arch enemy, deicide, in flames, etc. contact me at i_disappear@hotmail.com or 07821522134 or just send a PM cheers!
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