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  1. Hello friends I made this video with one of my pals the other day. I hope you like it because it's so romantic
  2. I made this and it's pretty bad but I thought I'd share it around anyway. Enjoy!
  3. I made this video, it's alright, please feel free to watch it if you want. Otherwise don't worry too much about it. FitbaThatba Xmas cartoon special - "How Carlos Tevez Saved Christmas"
  4. Hello all, here is a link to download "Pirates (of the Aberdee-en)" which is a song from my forthcoming second album. I hope you like it! http://jjbull.bandcamp.com/track/pirates-of-the-aberdee-en JJ
  5. Stanley really are awesome aren't they? My word, his voice is tremendous.
  6. I made this yesterday, see if you like it
  7. Made this today. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Enjoy
  8. For those of you unfamiliar with him, Owen Hargreaves is professional footballer who plays for England and was just released by Manchester United because he is always injured.
  9. don't really know what to say about this one but it took me about 3 hours. Enjoy
  10. you can follow us here if you like as well Twitter
  11. just some shameless plugging right here. Feel free to tell me that the blog is awful by the way; feedback, however little construction there is within, is welcome!
  12. None of us doing the course have music teaching qualifications, but I have years of experience teaching guitar to children! I have a degree, which isn't really related. I didn't know I'd put on the website that I have qualifications... I shall check this out right now. A lot of good buzz around these at the moment! Tell your friends/kids if you think they'd enjoy the course, it's going to be awesome fun. Edit: I see what I did! I have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification, and I have also done a lot of training in my role with Apple in teaching - it doesn't really apply to music specifically but is relevant I think. I've taken it off the website so as not to be misleading.
  13. home Feel free to spread the word about this one, class places are filling up
  14. this gets updated about 5 times a day by the way so feel free to add it to your list of toilet reading
  15. They're, their and you got there's correct. Never seen that before on any forum, well done
  16. I'm delighted to announce that I will be running 2 Song Writing Schools this summer in Inverurie and Oldmeldrum. Throughout the 4 week courses in July we will compare past classics, modern hits and songs that you love yourself by exploring similarities in structure and melody, as well as having a lot of fun along the way by writing a song collectively. The courses cost 199 for 4 weeks and run on 2 hours on 2 days of the week. I will be joined by several of Aberdeen and Scotland's best unsigned musicians including Steven Milne, Jonathan Carr and Davy Shanks amongst others. Alongside experienced producers and radio DJs we will discuss song writing by analysing The Beatles, Rihanna and even Rebecca Black and help develop the skills of every student that attends the course, ultimately helping every student to write and perform their own song. We will also record this performance so that they can take away their new creation on a CD and enjoy it forever more. The courses are open to everyone above the age of 13 and spaces are limited so please book or pass on information nice and fast to avoid disappointment. I also plan to have at least 1 course organised for late summer if possible, as well as offering private tuition. I don't claim to be able to teach you to write a song as the talent is inherent, I simply want to help get the absolute most out of you as a musician so you can enjoy writing and performing your own songs as much as I do. It's also a lot of fun. You can book a place or get more information by emailing me at josephbull@me.com or phoning 07815 938555 song writing school
  17. a football blog that some of you may enjoy: fitbathatba that is all! Osama bin laden is still dead
  18. hello! I've been nominated (JJ Bull) for 'best acoustic' in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Although I won't win, I'd like to try so if you can be arsed, please take 30 seconds out of your life to go here: Vote Now! | SAMA 11 scroll down to best acoustic and click 'jj bull' and hit vote. It's pretty easy. Vote for Indian Red Lopez in best electro too (represent represent). I'll do the aberdeen scene proud!!! (even though I live in glasgow just now) www.jjbull.co.uk
  19. there's no gig footage.... ooooooh actually you must mean the dark shots with all the neon light things, which I filmed in a house somewhere. It's interesting you think it's a gig actually, it was at a party and I really like how you can't really work out what is going on and all you see are little lights. I actually really like those shots for all the bright lights - it gives a lot of contrast between bits. It also acts as a 'colouring in' part for the storyboard, rather than drawing what I was writing about. In my head it makes a lot of sense, but it might be 'film degree' sense and not actually real-life sense. I dunno. Anyway, thanks for watching it, I think you'll all think i'm talking pish
  20. YouTube - JJ Bull - Capital City I'd absolutely love it if you could give this a wee watch. Feel free to hate it or find indifference in your feelings towards it! Or you could also like it! I don't know, we will see. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!
  21. hahahaha no it's for when you can't manage gigs so i can have a wee drum thing!
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