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The "World" Music Thread


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"World" is in speech marks because I hate the term but I'm really looking for music from unfamiliar places.

I'm very much into Konono no1 from the Congo and BLK JKS from S. Africa, and I love Beirut (Eastern European styles by a New Mexican), so music from Africa, the middle East and Eastern Europe would be of interest. There are styles I like but I don't really know many names.

Just to be clear, I'm meaning music that sticks to its ethnic origin, not bands from the Ukraine who do NOFX covers, etc. And I know I could just Google but let's discuss music, yeah?


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Kalyanji & Anandji - Bombay the Hard Way

tunes min!

Saw this band live once and it was incredible: YouTube - Gnawa Diffusion Douga Douga Live

souk system is a great album of theirs.

I actually wrote an essay on my next suggestion, Magic System from the Ivory Coast. I was doing a course about francophone diaspora at uni (zzzzz)* and used them as an example of cultural products having to go via Paris in order to become succesful back in Africa. This is plain to see by comparing their two videos of the same song, one for the African market and one for the French market.


Afro-pop doesn't come much catchier.

*it was actually quite interesting

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What about yodelling? I fucking love yodelling.

This album is various examples of yodelling type singing from all over the world and is one of the most mental things I've ever heard. Fantastic.


As an example, check out track 9 - Kishore Kumar, an Indian yodeller who is totally hatstand.

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I've been really enjoying some Fela Kuti lately. I also picked up a very good compilation called Nigeria Special 68- 74. I was drawn in by the cover design, excellent sleevenotes too. It's on the Soundways record label so have got a lot of similar stuff out.

I'm not into a lot of the African stuff that is big just now although Tounami Diabate is great. I also downloaded a track by The Budos Band (I presume their Cuban, although I may be wrong and they could just be Latino-New Yorkers) which I very much enjoyed.

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Stuff I like...

Jali Nyama Suso (kora player...played at the Cowdray Hall a few decdes ago)

The Bhundu Boys ... maybe too poppy for some, but fun

Second Plinth's suggestion of Yat Kha (supported them at Drummonds once)

Some Indian 'playback' singers like Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bosle.

I'm a big fan of this guy, but don't know if he counts.....

YouTube - Joseph Spence - Good Morning Mr Walker

(sound clip only)

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