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  1. My mate has run this mail-order footie memorabila firm for the last 12 years or so but, like so many others, has stuggled with the recession for the last couple of years. He's really been battling hard to stay afloat but has finally cracked and gone to the wall. Here's a link to his final closing down sale where everything really must go. Have a wee look - there's prenty of vintage and collectable stuff in amongst the usual footie merch - you may grab yourself a bargain and shave a few quid off his debt at the same time. Cheers. http://www.footballheaven.net/
  2. Anyone had any update on the situation here? Seems to have all gone quiet and I'm a wee bit concerned that the Mark Lanegan gig appears to still be the only one listed a couple of months on.
  3. Hmmm. To me it sounds like some random found a box of Magazine trademark sounds and assembled them into an album. Thin on tunes and trite of lyric, no menace, no heart. Shoulda stuck to touring the old stuff.
  4. It was the 1st of April. Support was from Pink Industry. I don't have my ticket stub but have photos of the gig somewhere.
  5. Festival round-ups abound with reviews and pics from Rockness, Wickerman, Glasto, Rebellion, Belladrum and Wizard now online. Also Cults review, Wilko preview and more.
  6. I doubt e-signatures of goodwill will make any difference when it's ticket sales they needED. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Correct. Over the past 18 months or so I'd spent....... Madness @ 02 Glasgow - 33.50 Idlewild @ Lemon Tree - 16:00 Edwyn Collins @ Lemon Tree - 16:50 Twilight Sad @ Lemon Tree - 13.20 Sunday ticket for the festival (already bought!) - 55.00 Do the sums for yourselves. Sad.
  8. Critikill interview online now at Flares N Seagulls
  9. Good lord. 3 months since I last plugged the blog. Where does the time go? Anyway, loadsa stuff up......RockNess review and pics, Copy Haho, Adam Ant plus more. Find it all in glorious Technicolor at the usual place.
  10. This was pretty mental as well. The KLF at the Brit Awards 1992
  11. 100% agree with this. Killer live band in their day as well. Saw them in 1982 pre-first album on the arse-end of a bill in Gateshead blowing away such luminaries of the day as Gang Of 4, U2 and The Police. First time I ever saw stage-diving / crowd surfing as well..............by Stiv Bator of course.
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