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Street View UK - Now in Aberdeen


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They've definitely done the city centre, as this map shows:

El Reg nails Street View spycars to Google Maps The Register

Dunno why it's not up yet

Maybe it takes longer to check that all faces are blurred, due to there being more people in the city centre?

It is kinda fun just roaming around though. I think I may have just found my bass player somewhere in London...

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I've already found one car registration they haven't blanked out. It's remarkably close to Teabags' brother although...I doubt those two facts are related.

My car reg isn't blurred out but my mum and dad's cars are, and both are parked right beside mine. Hmm.

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your looking at the wrong road, if you go to 1600 Amphitheatre Pky you can see all the google staff standing on the street, all without faces blurred, holding up signs and other stuff.

On that original link the Google offices are on the right.

There's hunderds more of them on Charleston Road than on Amphitheatre.

I want to work for Google.

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Been trying to work out when these were taken.

Going past the Fire Station on Anderson Drive shows the new station is still under construction (Fire Station N Anderson Drive - Google Maps) and according to the GFRS website the station was officially opened on the 8th Dec 2008.

From memory i'm fairly sure it was opened pretty quickly after being completed so i'm guessing these pics must be from around Oct 08. Anyone got any other rough estimates?

The drive in the photo of my house is lock-blocked and that was done circa Aug 2007.

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