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  1. Fling is a great game. My favourites on my ipod at the moment are RobotUnicorn, Bloons TD and Godfinger.
  2. I've obviously missed something the past 6 years that I have lived in Aberdeen, but who the hell are the McAllisters?
  3. I don't particularly care if it works better or not, it just looks sooo sexy. I really want it, but having had no problems with my current one *touch wood* I don't think I'll be able to justify it!
  4. I watch Friends on E4 nearly everyday, and I too have all the DVDs. It is good to have on in the background though and there's normally nothing else on at that time!
  5. It can get worryingly addictive. And who knew it could elicit such anger in people?!
  6. Then I shall definitely look it up
  7. So, the final series has begun... Anyone watching? Thoughts on the housemates so far? I'll probs end up watching it all summer as it's the sort of thing I get sucked into, even if it is awful (which it undoubtedly will be).
  8. Is it like Ace of Cakes but with better cakes? I may have to check it out!
  9. Which is why it should be awesome. Damn my being poor!
  10. Too many games, not enough time or money!
  11. No, it's disappointing. Especially when summer only lasts for a few days at a time...
  12. Thanks guys! I will go into a couple of shops and have a play around but just wanted to see what opinions people had on here before I did so I wasn't totally clueless
  13. I am definitely buying this game when I get the chance. The first one was ace - hope this is as entertaining!
  14. I'm looking for advice on a digital piano / keyboard (I'm not too sure about the difference!) Basically, I want to get back into playing piano but living in a flat means I can't have one even if I did have the space! I'm looking at getting something electronic that I could get into the flat but nothing *too* fancy. Preferably I would like a full size keyboard with weighted keys and perhaps the ability to connect to my computer but other than that I don't really mind. Looking to spend up to 500 so if you have any ideas please let me know! Thanks
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