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  1. I don't really know too much about them. It was this more chilled out track that first piqued my interest in them, I can't even remember how I stumbled across it: Much the same as you a few clicks led me on to 'I Didn't Believe' which is their best tune IMHO. I did notice they've popped up on the Coachella lineup this year so i'm hoping for a lot more.
  2. Lonz

    2013/2014 Season

    Swansea remind me of Newcastle last season. I don't think most fans appreciate how much the europa league depletes a team. Remember Newcastle were one place and one point outside the relegation zone with two games to go last season?! Now with the same team (plus Remy) they're comfortable top half and only 7 points off top four. Mental.
  3. I like her collaboration with Flight Facilities as well.
  4. I've heard good things about them as well, also heard good things about http://www.aberdeenautovalet.co.uk/80100/contact.php but again no prices seem to be listed. Did you use thewashbay? If so how much were they?
  5. Anyone used any car valet places in Aberdeen? Any recommendations and/or prices for a full interior and exterior valet for a small hatchback?
  6. Disagree with you about Kompany, hard but fair one footed tackle. Clearly won the ball and was very unlucky to be sent off.
  7. Just finished Max Payne 3, picked it up for a tenner a while ago. Not a bad game but certainly not great, no complaints for a tenner though. Also gave Limbo a shot when it was on offer recently. Decent puzzle\platform type game but the lack of any narrative was a bit disappointing IMHO I think the game would have been even better with a story to follow. Currently multiplayer games are Black Ops 2 and Daytona USA (bargain at 400 MS Points). Black Ops 2 has grown on me after a shaky start, finally settled on a couple of guns I like and the lag issues seem to have all but disappeared for me now. Restarted Skyrim again. Last playthrough was a wood elf allied to the Stromcloaks, this time i'm a Breton and i'll go with the Imperials. Probably concentrate on One Handed and Magic, my Wood Elf was mainly Sneak and Archery sided with very little Magic. I was hoping they would have combined all the DLC into a pack for Christmas but unfortunately nothing so far. There's a few deals on in the run up to Christmas so I've been splashing out. Picked up the new Hitman for £20 at game online, Saints Row 3 is £15 from amazon and Dead Rising is a £10. Looking to get the Walking Dead at some point but i'll probably wait until the package up all the episodes and sell them together, hopefully it'll work out cheaper. What's everyone else thinking of buying for Christmas?
  8. Lonz


  9. Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and Super Meat Boy are my vices at the moment. I've had a few weird glitches on Skyrim (Xbox 360) including one where the pre-scripted event at the start broke and I had to restart the game literally minutes in. As for hardest game - Ghosts 'n' Goblins still makes me break out in a cold sweat.
  10. So did anyone have Bob Holness?! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16443263
  11. Bruce Forsyth David Attenborough Richard Attenborough Maggie Thatcher Nicole Ritchie Prince Phillip (joker) Frankie from The Saturdays Patrick Moore Maradona Murray Walker John Hurt Sarah Harding Betty White Keith Chegwin William Shatner George Michael Martin Scorsese Hugh Hefner Sean Connery Julian Glover
  12. Yes, the lob in the 5-0 game. Tingle down the spine every time I watch it.
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