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  1. Hey guys, nobody is making you go to these places...
  2. Could someone please define what a hipster is?
  3. Lahm possibly laying off playing qualifiers and friendlies and making himself available when the time comes?
  4. Ex Hooray for Humans? They played Aberdeen moons ago
  5. 30 degrees can get to fuck.
  6. Malone's did us over on a couple of nights, kinda standard for a place not run as a gig venue as such. never tried Rusty Nail, always has a band on at weekends so its ruled out for weekends at least. Whats going to be the deal with "17"?. Would be great to have a place that isnt your usual venue/pub.
  7. What about suggestions for other places that might do gigs?. I've spoken to peacocks, they took forever between correspondence and I had to sort another venue before they got back with a yes, but it can be done if it fits with their schedule. What about Belmont cinema? O'neils was pretty cool last week. Dont think its all that viable with it being a chain, one crust gig and its over. Ps. we're v. lucky we there's venues up here with backline as standard.
  8. There was a list of bands confirmed for the next one and most weren't Fat Hippy iirc.
  9. Thought the idea/execution were pretty good, most of the bands I saw were v. ding.
  10. Mine might be away to shit the bed, could you clarify what unlocked to Vodafon means please? (I'm on o2).
  11. What part am I missing about this Faroe/ritual animal slaughter?
  12. Fought back with 9 men and lasted 30 minutes of extra-time aswell though.
  13. Cool Your Jets (label run by the Min DIesel) are away to put out an EP on 7" vinyl by Rungs (members of Project:venhell, Take A Worm For A Walk Week and Lapsus Linguae). FFO of Daughters, The Locust etc. You can stream the song "COLOSTOMY BAG OF SUBTLE PLEASURE" and preorder the record over at our bandcamp page : http://coolyourjets.bandcamp.com
  14. First two episodes were waaaaash, last was pretty great.
  15. I think its a pretty good reaction to getting coins launched at you...
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