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  1. I was in said beer garden and also spotted camie.
  2. See now my problem was that I was also without glasses and didn't see you until you were literally right near me! Sorry if you thought I ignored you, next time one of us sees the other, we stop and talk, deal? also, alkaline, pets at home you say...? Very likely! What were we keen on buying that day? Also how do you know what I look like? The picture on here is teeny so would be impressed if it was from that.
  3. Well I saw christy twice yesterday but pretty sure he saw me both times. Went to wave the first time but he looked away! How ace did I look? Not very... Haha
  4. My fianc is a photographer. If you pm me your email address and details of what you're looking for I can get him to give you an email.
  5. The only person I ever see regularly around Aberdeen who posts on here is Afro Droid (think that's his name on here?). I probably see more, but I have no idea what the majority of you all look like. There are 2 people I keep seeing around all the time though which is creeping me out a little. They probably don't post on here but it feels a little stalkerish at times. I saw Bob Knight absolutely hammered going into the Carton one Saturday lunchtime about 3 or 4 weeks ago.
  6. haha, i totally laughed heaps there. nice
  7. i didn't realise people did this until not long ago and it absolutely disgusts me! AND i found my boyfriend doing it last night! ohhh i was not happy!
  8. Dianne

    Pet Hates!

    i'm still waiting for this to happen to my car. it seems parking anywhere central carries such a risk. literally every day i walk up to it praying both wing mirrors are still there...
  9. did you used to be friends with craig errington or am i barking up the wrong tree?
  10. i certainly can spell my name, i'm afraid that he can't. it puzzles me when people spell it wrong when my name is right there. i am drunk.
  11. i watched heathers. still love it.
  12. i think i've spoken to you, too. you used to be skittles?
  13. not really. i used to post on here a lot a few years ago, and in fact, i think i've spoken to you at some point. but i look way different to how i did. haha, you're a dick. but i still love you
  14. yeah i've seen you a few times and you obviously have no idea who i am. but you used to be elwood on here, didn't you?
  15. haha. there's an absolutely hilarious one i found which i won't upload. homeless bum? the epitome!
  16. you know me too! though i wouldn't exactly say i'm a regular, and i'm a bit of a cunt
  17. don't know what you're guffawing at, he's telling the truth! mmm ham.
  18. Dianne

    Pet Hates!

    M&S Staff aren't allowed to say that,, they have to say "thank you for waiting". In case anyone cares...?
  19. in the past few weeks i've spotted nicky casino in jane norman and also asda. didn't know if he's recognise me so said nothing
  20. Dianne

    Pet Hates!

    people who queue for the car wash at various garages without buying a ticket first. some twats pulled into one right before me then proceeded to get out and go into the shop to get a ticket, which i'd already done. had to wait frickin' ages. was not impressed.
  21. Dianne

    Pet Hates!

    it does have a wee bit of a body kit, but nothing in your face at all. it came with the car no matter how slow i drive, it still gets scraped off massive speed bumps - worst offenders being at lidl on king street!
  22. Dianne

    Pet Hates!

    speed bumps which are stupidly large - they wreak havoc on my front bumper. i've scraped it a few times now, did it again today, gah
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