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Cap Sant! release the hounds

Panda Strong

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For the last few weeks here at Cap Sant! HQ we have been putting together a bunch of songs for us and other people to enjoy. The drums were all recorded in Musical Vision, the guitar, bass, vocals, and everything else you hear were recorded in my flat. All was done through garageband and my mac mic. We have just about finished all 6/7, but we have 3 completed up on the myspace.

Hopefully a few people might dig what we're doing. It's a shame that myspace manages to make your songs sound pretty crap, no matter how much work you've put into them - BUT, we are making up a little demo cd, probably about 100 or so, with silly artwork and all 7 tracks at a reasonable bitrate. Yeah!

So anyway;

Cap Sant! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


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i thought these songs were nice and catchy when i had a listen an hour ago. but '...batman' got stuck in my head like (insert some sort of generic witty phrase). the chanting at 1.01 or thereabouts is so algernon-ish that it makes me very happy inside :D

i'm so glad there is a band in aberdeen that has this kind of music done so well! cannot wait to see this done live. a few gigs and you should be having numerous fists in the air and chanting to go along with it! once again, fantastic work!

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