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  1. bobby burg was just lovely. by far the most posi guy in the room. his grin! the whole band seemed so into it. seriously though, thanks so much for putting this on. i'm glad i came back up for it. i've always been a bit 'meh' about joan of arc but was totally blown away this evening. everything was spot on. and finishing with an owls song?! arrived a bit late so only caught min diesel onwards (who i really enjoyed!). there were two really outstanding tracks - 4th and second last maybe? i can't quite remember. i've never enjoyed hot club de paris and that just made it worse. don't get it. worst banter i've ever heard, too. real head-in-hands material.
  2. Regardless of the functions, you could argue that Iraq's purple-fingered exercises in elections seen on television everywhere had a part to play in setting an example for the entire region, and what we've seen over the past few months. And sure, Iraq will never be Switzerland; they're building from the ground up with critical internal and external problems. It certainly won't happen over night, and it might get worse again before it gets better. But not to get too positive (which is rare for me), with the right support and work there is a framework that can be built on long term. Then again, everything could go tits up and the image of a balancing Iraq in the region disappear in swathes of Sunni/Shia Iraq/Iran bitterness. I definitely think Iraq over the next 10 years will be pretty key, anyway. OK - enough about Iraq.
  3. No. Again, if you know the history of Iraq since the Gulf war, as well as the SC resolutions through the 90's you wouldn't just believe WMD's were made up to go in for oil. Just a few points: - countless (all) UN resolutions broken since 1990 (including 1441; "a final opportunity to comply...) - continuing failure of economic sanctions - 100,000's of dead - removal of UN inspectors / the building of a nuclear program that would have been weaponised given more time - profits from the oil-for-food program diverted to the regime / mass starvation - funding insurgencies in North Africa / West Bank and Gaza / etc - the list goes on Not to move away from Osama even more, but today Iraq is the only functioning Arab democracy. OK, it's imperfect, fragile, and prone to the odd bomb or two, but it has multiparty elections and the freest press in the region. If Egypt or Libya were to be as politically developed in 2 or 3 years as is Iraq today - talk about success. The US is moving out of Iraq - it's taken no oil; established no permanent military bases; and has left not a puppet regime, but a functioning democracy. But hey, whatever.
  4. not sure if he's been mentioned, but freddie gibbs is pretty much all i listen to these days - - guy is insane.
  5. The No!'s were about the fact that Bush would not have taken the US to war with North Korea, and that if you know anything about the history of Iraq between 1990 and the invasion, you'd know the threat he posed. I don't know enough about the detail of what would need to happen to try Osama other than in, say, Saudi, for example. But i don't really see it as relevant - he's technically been on trial since the early 90s when AQ began operations and declared war on the US. The bureaucracy of international criminal courts would only frustrate the already signed / sealed / delivered verdict, and i doubt by taking him in you would gain much intel that can't be found from other sources picked up in the operation. I have no 'moral or ethical' problems with him being bumped off and thrown in the sea, though.
  6. No! No! Anyway. Byman has an interesting piece in FP that is worth a read - Think Again: Al Qaeda - By Daniel Byman | Foreign Policy
  7. The bombing of Kosovo while without UN mandate (and a NATO state attacked) was regarded as internationally legal in comparison to the invasion in Iraq. For some reason i's illegality has been institutionalised, regardless of the breaking of countless UN resolutions since 1990 (including 1441; "a final opportunity to comply...), 100,000's of dead, removal of UN inspectors, and profits from the oil-for-food program being diverted to the regime, all prior to invasion. UN Resolution 1483, which recognised the legitimate authority of the occupying powers under international law is rarely sighted either. Go figure. I don't even know where to start with this. Probably file under bullshit.
  8. many apologies. i did not know. anyway..., to slightly digress, has anyone heard alex bleeker and the freaks? it's julian and matt / real estate. record came out 09/10 i think, but i only got into it a few months back - great LP!
  9. hang on a second. wait. hang on. i'm rubbing my eyes at this line up. ducktails? julian lynch? are we still in aberdeen? imp you have made my day/week/month. of course CH are a plus, but the above two are the last two things i expected to see playing this city. consider me stoked.
  10. think? i think you might mean thick. but flanks anyway.
  11. i actually do strategic studies, but whatever.
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