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  1. Cheers for the Comments. We'll let you know when there all up.
  2. Its still needs a tweek but, I couldn't help myself and put it up. We have recorded 4 more but will wait till there all 100% before we release them upon the world. Hope you enjou Uncalm ( New Track Online , More Too Come) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  3. 4 different beatdowns in one song, actually usually the same beatdown, slowed down, then down again, then down again etc etc.
  4. i find putting your wii online is fun, once i completed mario kart then i could still keep playing online aginst the rest of the world, i have a ps3 and a wii so when i run out of things to play on one, i pick up the other one.
  5. Not yet, possible own it after work, only heard good things.
  6. Hardcore bands touring with only one or no original members.
  7. Bands all wearing the same clothes in promo shots.
  8. I went to Reading in 2003, it was amazing.
  9. I could be interested in this as my ride is messed up, was looking to get a 24". but i might be.
  10. The_Tank

    Man or Woman

    I think its her much older butch sister.
  11. Last night was good, shame about the turn out, but i think everyone there had a laugh.
  12. Christopher Waltz steals the show, has some of the best momments in the movie, anyone else suprised about mike myers actually playing a good character, only brief but good.
  13. The_Tank

    Man or Woman

    Would be a awful for the whole world to questioning your gender, if she is a woman, and having people having to test her, to prove it, might be embarrassing.
  14. The_Tank

    Man or Woman

    At the World Championships there may have been a few chop chops. Do you think this woman used to be man? Full Story BBC - BBC Sport: Tom Fordyce: Semenya left stranded by storm
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