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  1. Ha, now that would be a talent! No idea why the "and/" ended up there!
  2. Yep, I know from my playing days that high quality recording in aberdeen is nowhere to be found. The forum is worth a mention for being the worst quality but I like that it gives young students the chance to ehance their skills. Cap Toms is a reliable old favourite who pretty much have aberdeen cornered as far as affordable demo quality is concerned. I just dont think they've been properly tested to produce a great sounding record. So in my mind the quality of the product offered would always be priority. AS far as the joint gig/recording venue I'm 70% sure that's the route i'm going down. Keep up the good work guys!
  3. Yes, thats a good mention and something i've been aware of for a while, also something i'm contemplating doing in the meantime as a move to a different city may be on the cards. On the point of income, sometimes I think it may not be the be all and end all of doing something like this, personally as long as i can support my family as well as offering the musicians of the city a really great product would be worth it. Another contemplation I have is a joint recording/ rehearsal AND gig venue which would give bands another place to come and play and not have to worry about hiring equipment etc. Would also give the people another venue to check out new bands. Thoughts?
  4. Hey folks, I'm doing some research at the mo and need some feedback. Basically I'm lookin into the possibility of setting up a new recording/rehearsal studio and would like some suggestions as to what you guys think is lacking from any current ones in the city other than just cheaper prices! What do you guys and girls feel would make the difference and could give you a better experience? What's currently missing from the current options? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Like I say this is purely market research to see if there's even a need for this kind of venture but I feel that the best opinions come from those who would be using the facilities.
  5. How would you be for some rise against / paramore type punk?
  6. What style do you sing, influences etc?
  7. I have a 2000 Ibanez DTX120 (millenium) destroyer for sale. This is a great guitar and has been my baby for years but unfortunately it's time to sell her . Apart from one or two minor scratches on the top of the body it still looks and plays great. I'm looking for 200 ono for it please. Oh and i'll try and upload a photo of it soon, i'm having some computer file uploading issues just now! cheers
  8. Alrighty, posted about getting a pop punk / hardcore band together a while back but a whole lot of going offshore has put paid to me actually replying! So here's take 2. If anyone's up for / still up for it give me a shout and i'll actually reply this time! Need a drummer, bassist, guitarist and ideally someone who can sing.
  9. Well i havent really moved on from 1999 and im sick of this town being filled with mediocre metal bands - where has all the fun gone? So im gunna start a mediocre pop-punk band to make up for it!
  10. Simple question dont you think? If you do, gimme a shout - need a 2nd guitarist, drummer and bassist, if sumone can also sing thats cool, if not we'll get a vocalist too! Wanna play orig material, this is not a cover band! Influence/ style - New Found Glory Alkaline Trio Rise Against Blink 182 Goldfinger etc, etc
  11. Interested in this if you still lookin. Not been playin drums too long but am lookin to get into sumthin and hopeully get better. what influences/ style u goin for?
  12. Dude you from potterton? same-ish lol. wot you got in mind for this band then? pm me if you wana get somethin goin.
  13. TVcasualty

    Punk band

    Re. Im in a band thats pretty much a mix of Alkaline Trio and Rise Against, possibly looking for a new guitarist to join and add sum more depth to the set up if you're intersted. Or id be interested in setting up a whole new band altogether. Let me know dude!
  14. Alkaline Trio, Misfits influenced 3 piece band seeks to replace lost drummer. You can see why we need a drummer. Have own material/covers and are nearly ready to gig. You dont have to be great (if you are then cool!) but give me a shout if interested. Call or text Steve - 07742220336 Cheers
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