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  1. I believe it was chips and a liberal dose of vinegar. And AEW is the bassist getting in the way of the piano player.
  2. We finally got round to getting Vol. 10 out. Somewhat late to class it as a Halloween themed song, but tardiness happens. Its the story of a man who kills his wife after he falls in love with a hooker. http://bellocshavana.bandcamp.com/track/larrys-nae-happy
  3. diarmaid

    Your current read?

    Just finished Battle Royale. Its pish. Just makes me hate weans.
  4. diarmaid

    Your current read?

    I thought Choke was pretty decent, though haven't ever fancied reading any of his others. Finished The Cold Six Thousand at last. Pretty brutal. His final, 'Bloods A Rover' should be popping through the letterbox shortly. Until then making my way through 'Battle Royale'. Pretty good, though you do occasionally get the impression the translation wasn't as good as it could be.
  5. Vol. 9 completed and plonked up for the discerning camp pop fans pleasure. http://bellocshavana.bandcamp.com/track/harry-terrify-me Enjoy.
  6. diarmaid

    Your current read?

    Aye I love it too. Been relatively powering through his stuff since picking up 'The Black Dahlia' earlier in the year. 'American Tabloid' was amazing. TCST is brilliant but think I'm suffering Ellroy fatigue. I'll get there mind. Can't not finish the trilogy. Just might take a wee Lehane, Leonard length break.
  7. diarmaid

    Your current read?

    Trying to finish 'The Cold Six Thousand' by Ellroy, but owing to his style resulting in 10 sentences per line, its an absolute slog and have given it a break. Decided to read 'Swag' by Elmore Leonard instead. Story follows a couple of gents who take up armed robbery in 70's Detroit following 10 rules. Obviously, things dont go quite to plan.
  8. There is something very wrong with you.
  9. http://bellocshavana.bandcamp.com/track/slightly-older Volume 8. now uploaded. A short pop song about the private school girls of Scotland.
  10. Worked my last ever shift for ASDA yesterday. Now off for a week before starting new job. Boom.
  11. Just finished Season 1 of Boardwalk Empire. Thought it was cracking. Love anything early 20th century gangster related.
  12. diarmaid

    Your current read?

    Just finished '1974' by David Peace (Damned United). First in a quartet based around police corruption and all such in Yorkshire. 1974 follows a young crime correspondent for the local paper reporting on the disappearance and subsequent murder of a school girl which may or may not be related to other similar crimes. It's nae a funny book. Not a laugh to be had. Relatively fucking grim and miserable but still worth a read if you prefer your crime novels slightly more than just crime novels. The quartet as a whole was made into a tv trilogy starring Sean Bean, MArk Addy, Paddy Considine and others. Now making my way through the third of Dennis Lehane's Kenzie and Gennaro series 'Sacred' before diving into Ellroy's 'The Cold Six Thousand'.
  13. Volume 7 of our Singles Club project now up for you to wrap your ears round it. http://bellocshavana.bandcamp.com/track/marthas-smiling-but-not-for-you Let us know what you think. A country and western tinged pop song about a cowboy having his daughter taken away.
  14. Getting back into playing and writing on guitar by figuring out Separation Sunday by The Hold Steady front to back.
  15. Vol. 6 now up for perusal and free download. http://bellocshavana.bandcamp.com/track/test-pilot A song of a mother mourning the loss her son, who as a child, dreamt of becoming a pilot, only to wake up and try it out without the plane.
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