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Are you Machiavellian?

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i got 78, good or bad?

To boil it down to it's simplest terms:

>60 - self centered, power hungry, willing to stab people in the back to get ahead.

<60 - simpering, weak, easily led.

That's to the extremes though, I think the further away from 60 you are the more those definitions apply. Like if you get 90, you're a total cunt, and if you get 10 you're a pussy little bitch. See the Wiki thing.

Of course to look at it another way:

>60 strong, good leadership qualities, good at decision making

<60 trustworthy, good listener, considerate.

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Guest Neutral
83...not enough of a cunt ranking for my liking :(

everyone already knows your a cunt:laughing:

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