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  1. Snoozin n loozin is all yer ever doozin.
  2. What's the most difficult thing about rollerblading? Telling your parents that you're gay.
  3. Has anyone mentioned yet that her cancer was avoidable? After getting a smear test, she was told she had pre cancerous cells on her fud but decided to ignore them and not get treatment coz she's a dumb racist bint.
  4. So far this is the best decade for music as you can listen to all the previous decades too. Music consumers from the 50's had never even heard of Whitesnake. Dipshits.
  5. All I've heard about this from folk I know so far is that there's a blue guy with his dick out a lot.
  6. Can I have a jellied eel please.
  7. I once shit myself in O'neills after getting the bus through from my home town of Fraserburgh.
  8. try gettin dialled oot yer chops before you go. I had a magic time a while back. It is complete shit though and pretty much always has been.
  9. Stevie Wonder dreams about Chuck Norris
  10. She's protest the amount of cheese on my knob and then I'd bone her ass so hard she'd actually die which would be a good thing coz hippies are whack.
  11. Holy shit I remember that cardboard box. Good karaoke inna. "Smoke crack!"
  12. Traffic lights that cause jams from the airport to rosehill. Work at night ye fuckin cunts.
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