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Albums in 2008


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Guest Steven Dedalus
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

American Music Club

Sun Kil Moon

Old Man Gloom

Rise And Fall????

What he said.

Except the Old Man Gloom and Rise and Fall ones. Don't want to hear them.

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Build up our hopes and dash 'em. Just your style ;)

Lupe Fiasco's new album 'The Cool' is out this month. I couldn't resist a sneak preview and I'm delighted to report I think it's ace. Pretty Kanye-commercial moments are outnumbered by intelligent lyrics and interesting tracks. Unkle are on one of the highlights too. Pleases my ears anyways.

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I'm looking forward to Death Cab's new album far too much.

Ben Gibbard said "I just don't feel like we've really got anything to prove other than to ourselves, and to make a record that we all really enjoy," which I guess everyone says, but I get the impression that Plans, although awesome, was made for the label's approval. I can't beleive that album came out 3 years ago. I'm not liking this "It's 2008" malarky.

Also, 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer?' was due out in a few months, but she went a bit mental and cancelled everything so she could clean her house, so god knows when that album will see the light of day.

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