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  1. This is really odd, I got round to listening to his album yesterday on Spotify and did a search on here to see if anyone had mentioned him. Which they hadn't. Now they have. Lovely. I quite liked his album. Nothing spectacular but there's a few tracks I quite enjoyed. I'll definately give it another listen.
  2. The 'Apple will never approve it' app was made available today for iPhone and Android handsets. Only available for 9.99 a month subscribers, but at least they didn't chuck on an extra fee for the app.
  3. Top floor of Espionage is alot more commercial R'n'B than Hip Hop. There's splashes of Hip Hop, but it's mostly Tinchy Stryder and Beyonce to be honest.
  4. I don't expect to see an iPhone app anytime soon, they've developed one for Android. The thing I like best about Spotify is how easy sharing playlists is. You can make a playlist and send the link to your mate, get a link from a mate for one of their playlists or have a collaberative playlist that you can both add stuff to. All updates in real time too. Pretty cool for getting/giving good recommendations. "We love it that everyone's talking about Spotify..." does get a little annoying, but it's totally worth it.
  5. 2 situations that happened at a gig last night. Situation 1: You're 18-21, and in your group is a 17 year old who can't buy alcohol. 17's close enough, so you or a mate go buy them a pint. You know what happens there? At the very minimum, I'll get fired for not following policy, but I'll probably be liable for a fine too, as the one who supplied the alcohol.. You get fined 1000 for buying alcohol for someone under 18. The licensee gets fined 2500 and loses their license. Barfly fires them, and potentially loses their business because they'll have a very hard time trying to get another entertainments licence in Aberdeen. Situation 2: You get ID'd, go on and on about being 24 but don't have any ID to back this up, so you get someone else to buy you a drink. Not as serious, because hopefully you can prove your age later, but you and the other person will be ejected immediately, potentially banned for not adhering to managements rules. I get crap from you probably, from security for allowing alcohol to be passed, from the licensee, who is shitting themselves that you're not of age. Or whichever member of bar staff who is responsible for you acquiring a drink will get torn a new one for putting the whole company at risk for the sake of a 2.50 can of Red Stripe. I'm not saying you were trying to buy for someone underage, 99% of people aren't, but unfortunately it's one rule for all. You know what's actually an absolute joke? Customers who think their right to buy 2 drinks instead of 1 should be more important to me than my job/risk of prosecution. Thank god for the right to refuse service. On the topic of the lack of staff, the estimated attendance based on presales was alot less than the numbers that turned out, and staffing costs restrict us to 1 member of staff per x amount estimated to attend. The x here is not a number I'm happy with in any way, but that's a 'powers that be' grumble... Anyway, it's one of those things that happens from time to time, not alot can be done about it. As a fan, I was just happy for the band that there was a really good turn out, and if I was on the other side of the bar, I'd have been paying more attention to them than my undying need for beer in the bar queue.
  6. It's incredible. Thank god you can listen to shows again on the Radio 1 website. If anyones interested, listen to Zane Lowe's show from last night, and it starts exactly 30 minutes in.
  7. The place looks awesome. Still not totally finished though, but it won't take too long. All the seating has been fixed, the horrible booths across from the bar have been ripped out and decked in fancy new seats and tables... And the fancy new lights... ahhh, Moshulu, there's life in you yet. It actually looks like, dare I say it, quite a 'nice' club. And it doesn't smell of death! In light of the refit, we'll also be freshening up the club nights and drinks promos over the next few weeks too. I'm with Steve here, I never thought we'd see the day that this actually gets done. It's definately been worth the wait. Oh, and on a slightly related note, the Bassment have a new food menu too. Good times.
  8. Wendesday - Free before 12/2.50 after. Friday - 2.50 before 12/4 after. Saturday - Free before 12/4 afterwards. Unless it was a gig, you didn't pay 6.
  9. Before I read this post I was going to do a 'rant' as such also, but you've pretty much covered it. The place is an utter dive. I do my best to keep it as alright as possible when we're open, but it just doesn't happen. Exactly what Rass said, polishing a turd. All the cleanliness problems that the staff can deal with, we do. And it does nothing. I spent 6 hours with the carpet cleaner (we named her Trudy) on the small area outside toilets/cloakroom, and to me it looked and felt amazing. But looking at it last night it's just got as bad as it was. I was saying this to people last night actually, the place looks like shit so it gets treated like shit. And it's totally understandable. It doesn't help, but I don't expect any more. But it would appear that a refurb is actually going ahead. Quite soon, if Barfly stick to their word. I'll personally beleive it when I see the builders knocking on the door. Rass probably knows more than I do to be honest, but I know for a fact the flooring and the toilets are the main priorities. I've heard whispers of them fixing some electrics and plumbing issues too (you take your life into your hands changing some of the lightbulbs). The place is a good size, well laid out in my opinion, and could be an awesome venue/nightclub. Actually, I'm going to remain optimistic (it's hard to do in that building) and say it WILL be awesome. We opened a bit late last night due to a gig, and instead of waiting in the bassment, there was a queue of 60 people in the snow waiting for the doors to open. So the place must still have some appeal. Hopefully after the refit, and maybe a jiggle about with the some of the clubnights, it'll be a great place to go again. Oh, and the tills are the biggest pain in the hoop, but they weren't our call. I'd do anything to have the buttons back, I really would. The fucking guns are lucky they haven't been launched against any walls yet. They are far more beneficial for management/head office and stock taker types. All we wanted were new till drawers... Oh, the above are views are in no way the views of Barfly. Just me. And Rass. And every other member of staff. But not Barfly.
  10. Moshulu, 12. I should probably be putting this in a whole new thread. Hmm.
  11. I'm not a big DPT fan, but I'm quite looking forward to meeting Carl Barat, he seems interesting.
  12. I finally got round to watching American Beauty for the first time today. I think I'm going to watch it again tonight.
  13. I counted 7 copies of 10,000 Days, with stereoscopic lenses, in HMV. 13. Nae bad.
  14. The setlist reads: Calendar Soft Revy Bitches Genova Ageless Personal Night Starts Big Fight Going Reunion What I'm Trying Window Bird Elevator One More Night Riot Xlover - Set Yourself on Fire Bedroom Woods
  15. I didn't expect such assholes in the crowd at all tonight. I'm a big fan of Stars, and was looking forward to the prospect of a busy gig filled with nice folk. For the most part, the crowd were alright, but I did have to get a few guys removed. They were just generally being loud at the bar for a start (by which I mean screaming "serve me, serve me!!!" at the top of their lungs every time one of the staff was near them) which annoyed me, so I had a word with them myself and they behaved for a bit. They then started to dick around and 'play fight', so I spoke to them again and told them the next person to speak to them would be 2 large members of security. I then caught someone in their group leaning over the bar and topping up his own pint. That was them all out. Another few people stood at the bar the whole time speaking to each other. They didn't even turn round for a second of the gig, they were just hanging out having a loud drunken talk. Argh. Some people just really annoy me. I got a nice signed poster and setlist from Stars though, so that more than made up for it. Oh, and they were ace.
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