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  1. yup it does its on constitution street. I used to work there back in the day...best job ever! shame about the pay
  2. I know that. The point of the research is to look at the potential impact of downloading both legal and illegal on record stores i.e are people still buying CD's. Thanks that would be great if you can:up:
  3. Yes. No names will be used in the dissertation and all data will be destroyed after it has been used
  4. The title is how digital media has affected the way we consume music and the aim is to show how digital media has affected the way we consume music and whether this is damaging the music industry. I'm looking at it from the perspective of consumers who now have a much wider choice in how they access music, as well as the negative effects of downoading on record companies and record stores i.e Fopp.
  5. Hey guys wondering if you can do me a huge favour and help with my dissertation by completing the below questionnaire. You can either copy and paste into a word document and email it to me at cottdotton@hotmail.com, PM me, or copy and paste and answer in this thread. Any discussion on the topic would also be welcome. Thanks Music Downloading Questionnaire Instructions for completing- please highlight or underline your answers or fill in the text box. Personal Info Sex- male female Age group- 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 over 40 Employment status- full time part time Student Unemployed Other(please specify) Section A- Music Consumption 1. What is your main way of obtaining music? Buying CD’s Borrowing CD’s from friends Downloading Streaming from websites such as Myspace Other (please specify) 2. If you download music do you pay for the music you download? Yes No Sometimes If you answered yes to the above section please complete section B. If you answered no please goes to Section C. If you answered sometimes please explain what factors make you pay for music sometimes but not every time. Section B- Legal Downloads 1. How much do you spend on music per month? Less than 5 5-10 11-20 21-30 over 30 2. Do you download single tracks, whole albums or both? Single tracks Albums Both 3. How many songs or albums do you download per month? (insert number here) albums (insert number here) songs 4. Where do you download music from? iTunes MSN Music HMV digital Other(Please specify) 5. Have you ever used a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee for unlimited music? Yes No Please go to Section D. Section C-Illegal Downloads 1. Do you download single tracks, whole albums or both? Single tracks Albums Both 2. How many songs or albums do you download per month? (insert number here) albums (insert number here) songs 3. Where do you download music from? Limewire Torrent sites Other(Please specify) 4. How did you find out about these websites? Through a friend or family member Searching online Other(please specify) 5. Why do you not pay for music? 6. Do you ever worry about getting caught for illegally downloading music? Yes No 7. If you answered yes why do you still do it? 8. If you answered no why don’t you worry about it? 9. Have you ever uploaded music onto a file sharing website? Yes No 10. One of the ways record companies are trying to tackle the problem of illegal downloads is by introducing subscription services where you pay a monthly fee for unlimited music. Is this something you would consider using? Yes No 11. What would be an acceptable price for this service? 5 10 15 other(please specify) Section D 1. Do you feel you consume more music since you started downloading than you did in the past? Yes No About the same 2. Do you still purchase CD’s and if you do where do you purchase them from? Yes from a record store Yes from a supermarket Yes I buy them online No I don’t buy CD’s End of Questionnaire, Thanks for completing!
  6. pre sale link Ticketmaster.co.uk - promo
  7. We are scientists new one should be out in March. After hearing some of the new stuff when I saw them supporting the Kaiserchiefs I can't wait!
  8. 1 ticket for sale, face value 16. please email cottdotton@hotmail.com if interested cheers
  9. Can anyone recomend a good freeview box? looking for something quite compact and between 20-30 quid. cheers
  10. anyone know if their is stll tickets for this?
  11. i know! this makes me very angry! I've been trying to get tickets for ages and they're so expensive. Most of the time its folk down in England selling them which is really annoying as they obviously just bought them to make a beasting profit. And another thing ticket face value is not 30 quid its more like 14.50 i think. SCAM!!!!
  12. awesome gig! cheers stephen! enjoyed all bands especially Kenetic! was completely blown away by them! Dopamine were awesome as always and played all my favourites so was chuffed...would have been good if they'd played a bit longer but all in all a fantastic night!
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