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Draconian VS. Richards


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Reminds me of my holiday in Turkey when I was 18. I got a henna tattoo of my then girlfriend's name tattooed on my chest to show her (for a laugh mind) when I got home. Apparently you're not meant to wash them for an hour or 2 after. I went in the sea not long after and funnily enough it got all blurry' date=' went back to complain and had to pay the full whack of a fiver or so again. Got home, got dumped (apparently I was meant to call her "at least once" when I was away and she'd had time to think etc) and my tattoo faded away sadly like our love.


Aww. Lol.

I also had a henna tat in Gumbet, turkey. And like you I had to wait 2hrs for the scabby bits to fall off. Only I had it done in the early hours of the morning, and once I got to my hotel 10minutes later I ko'd. Waking up with a sheet stuck to the tat wasn't the best like. And I had to go about wearing a top untill it faded. It was a quality henna an all, of Che guevara.. well smudged it though.

So aye. I think Draconians is the best bet, although I'm intrigued to see the attitude on the boy Richard, maybe slap him about for his crimes against you all.

Anyone got some tat pics?

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what about ash from retro rebels..? i have seen some amazing tat's done by him

that may be, but no way near the quality of stix, kev or even dick(head).

Draconian is the bomb, they are really helpfull in there and they let you have a break when ever you want. Stix did my last one and he is a sound as fuck guy.

Fuck Dicks! i hate every member of staff there!


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mmmh, so how does one fight bad attitude?

i mean, from whats being said here, Richards does not seem a nice place to get your tattoo done, but surely, you must be able to level with them, right?

One day he'll get grumpy with the wrong person.. not me though, I aint touching that fucking place with a large bowl..

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i got my last one done at Red, Hot and Blue Tattoo Studio in Edinburgh. I am unbelievably happy with the results and will be going back there to get more work done on my back. I've been tattooed by Ash at Retros, two nautical stars when I was 18. I was also tattooed by Kev at Draconian. Richard's work (the stuff i've seen in tattoo magazines) is brilliant, but I am put off going because of what I've heard about his attitude. Here's my tatt, as done by Paul Slifer of previously mentioned Edinburgh studio.


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Guest bluesxman
I've had no problem with piercings from Richards, though I'd rather go to Daryl at Retro Rebels these days. Richards does the best tats by a country mile, and let's face it - he might be abrupt, but you're not there to have a nice chat about the weather. I'd rather have good work done by someone who was a bit off than shoddy work done by someone who was nice.

Exactly. He did my girlfriend's first tattoo a while back and I'd warned her he could seem a bit offhand but he was really nice to her.

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So far all i've really read is ,if you want a good cup of tea go to Draconians but if you want a shit hot tattoo go to Richards. I'd have to agree with the people that said the work done at Richards is untouchable by the other studios standards. I got my first tattoo from Draconians and was happy with it but then i got a half sleeve done at Richards, man i'm just embaressed with my first one, so much so i've asked Richards to design me a cover up. It's just far superior work.,

Draconian should stick to what their good at, maybe open a cafe.

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Has to be Draconians

I've got friends whose had tattoos done by richards and have faded quite bad and to repair them he was going tocharge full price again.

I got Li II (a giger painting) on the back of my leg by Styxx, I didn't have much money so he let me doit in installments, once a month for three months, said it was better that way, because before he did more he could see how the rest looked, and so therefor the last time was just a touch up, he always offered me breaks which I declined but was nice to be offered.

And at the end when I asked him if I moved at all, He said sometimes I spasmed but that it was no problem, spoken like a true professional. I live in france now but when I getmy next tattoo, I'm coming back to Drac's

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