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Your aims for 2005?


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Ok, so we had "your year" but lets look forward! Whats your aims/plans for 2005

I will get the ball rolling.

1) And most importantly. Be with the girl who got away (but should come home because Im a nice sexy guy ha ha)

2) Get my acoustic thing going

3) take lots of good photos! :up:

1) She did get away I and I care no longer, next.

2) Got it going, done it, won the tshirt.

3) The photos are looking good so far : )

Come on 2005!!!!!!! :cheers:

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Guest haigyman

1. start putting in some effort at uni instead of relying on friends to bail me out (terrible habit i know)

2. start taking better care of my money instead of relying on friends to bail me out (terrible habit i know)

3. get drunk less...maybe

4. listen to more "new" music

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1)Get a new band prepared for gigging as quick as possible.

2)Record a demo.

3)Play as many gigs as possible.

4)Try and get as many support slots for touring bands as possible.

5)Play an out of town show.

6)Go to see more of my favourite bands if they are on tour.

7)Get a decent Guitar setup, and possibly take up bass.

8)Learn how to use alot more of Fruity loops functions.

9)Get some form of income.

Not going to even bother with the typical relationship aims because that's being far too optimistic.


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1. loose weight

2. pass my driving test

3. pass my exams & actually get my predicted grades (B, B, C, C)

4. be less faggish and 'indie' (pfff)

5. drink equally as much.. because to be honest, i spent too much of this year in my room thinking and being gay

6. get a job that does not involve doing anything illegal, sausage rolls or being with no one who can speak a word of english

7. stop posting shite on the wasteland

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1. Get the Keith Choas Festival to be a major success

2. Get the Baby Karma album up and out, and a record deal for said band

3. Get Distribution for the Papercuts & Lime album, and forthcoming deal for Jo as well as some serious touring

4. Get the girl I like, and try to convince her she likes me too

5. Get over some serious personal stuff

6. Catch Fish's Misplaced Childhood Tour at least 3 times

7. Sort out money hassles and get a job I enjoy or get the bands signed and do that full time

8. Get Hog to start spelling Emma's name right ;)

9. Get the rest of my life together and get out on tour with BK, Emma or Jo

10. Go to as many gigs as I can



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Guest tv tanned

1. Lose weight

2. Exercise more

3. Organise my time better

4. Spend less money on unnecessary things

5. Set up a savings account

6. Hopefully buy a car.

7. Be more helpful to people.

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1. unpack in new flat.

2. get a truck

3. take up boxing

4. watch more Eddie Izzard

5. buy more weapons

6. drink more Jack

7. learn to work a sewing machine

8. watch all Lord of the Rings extended films in one sitting' date=' without breaks

9. not beat my boyfriend up so much

10. go on a proper holiday[/quote']

Buy more weapons and learn how to work a sewing machine?!!!

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