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  1. Ah man, his name came up in conversation the other night as a few mutual friends were intending visiting him while they were back in the city. Never really knew him myself, but the few times our paths crossed he always seemed like a great guy. Fucking shame. RIP.
  2. N.M

    your gear.

    May I ask why? While I'd imagine there are plenty of truly physical tape delay pedals out there, although I've yet to stumble upon one, my understanding is that what the space echo offers is fairly close to the original beast. (PS proper posting hiatus brought to an end. Huzzah and hurrah!)
  3. Wasn't that Man Incorporated? Never did catch him.
  4. Argh, why didn't I notice this earlier?! If this is still for sale, then would you take 475 for it?
  5. I've just been informed by the spectral carnie (why has that name never came into mental focus before) that the door time is actually 8 o'clock. Nothing like a last minute addendum to change the the flow of an evening.
  6. I may take the les paul off your hands. What needs soldering?
  7. How much would you be looking for roughly?
  8. $5 entry? Does that mean the actual door charge will be 2.43, give or take depending on the exchange rate around that time? Typical that there's rail works going on in Dundee that day. Looks like a megabus journey. o_O Worth it for that line-up though.
  9. N.M


    Chris Arp also won one of the competitions Limp Bizkit staged back when they were trying to find a new guitarist... makes you wonder what would have happened if he ended up in the band. I'd definitely recommend having a listen to Ideas Of Reference. Some of the stuff they do is just fucking crazy, especially on Bones To Dust.
  10. With a nose like that, who could blame him. Yeah and don't worry, I'm just taking the piss. No need to get offended on account of little ol' me.
  11. N.M

    i think

    I was referring to the music commonly associated with those who seek "emotional and enlightening" journeys. Apologies, should have expanded on that. What the hell, another recommendation. If strange, ambient, and mildly depressing (all depending on mood of course) music is something you wish to hear, get hold of 1000% Downer by Ginnungagap. If you do not succumb to the melancholy of the dreary "vocals" and the sparse guitar work of Reasonably Miserable, then ye shall be rewarded. An excellent track to listen to while unwinding during and after a peak, although not one for those who are not accustomed to such a still of music. Could I have attempted to sell it any more?! Be as well mention In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson as well, especially for the title track.
  12. N.M

    i think

    Would it not be true to say that that opinion can be attributed to many albums with many albums within that particular spectrum of music though? While I take your point, I made the recommendation on the basis that I've found myself drifting off while listening to it rather easily. That said... that's usually after four or five rather large ones. Oh, and as another recommendation, yae cannae beat a bit of Masters Of Brutality by Church Of Misery.
  13. N.M

    i think

    Elaborations of Carbon by Yob always set me well for an evening filled with wondering why the ceiling is moving, and if those eyes I can see are really there. That or A Sun That Never Sets by Neurosis. Failing that, Boards of Canada's Geogaddi is brilliant for that eerie ambient effect. Still, all depends on taste, I guess.
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