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  1. You are right. I have limited knowledge. And i also have no time! Im leaving to travel in two months and really need to shift this kit. Now selling for 450. Cheers folks.
  2. cheers. im not quite sure how to fix it. Can you help?
  3. It dawned on me that drumming takes alot of time and commitment to perfect.Which i have no patience for. So as i am hitting the road in November(Off travelling) i will be selling my kit. Its in excellent condition and only been used a handfull of times.It has been stacked up for over a year now.And for those that know your drums will know its a good piece of equipment. Silver Pacific kit. Comes with what you see here..... Also included is a drum stool,set of "dx" stagg symbols,a drum stool,two pairs of sticks,a pair of brushes and a double bass pedal. I am free most nights after 8 if anyone would like a closer look. And please let me know if any of your friends are interested. Selling for 750. A great kit at a great price. Don't hesitate to call - 07858759471.Im nice. Cheers folks. P.S - I have plenty more photos of the kit if you'd like a better look. [img/]C:\Documents and Settings\Crocker\My Documents\My Pictures\Snapshot
  4. Top guy. Always remember the time he tried to kill a seagull.
  5. Im looking to buy some free weights,after packing in my gym membership.Anything from 12 to twenty kg would be grand. Anybody looking to clear some space? Crocker.
  6. I have to agree. It is indeed pish.
  7. Found them. Chips ahoy! Ah well....get back to work.
  8. Can anyone tell me the name of the biscuits you can buy from shops in Spain? They are chocolate cookies and ive forgotten the name of them and need to buy a box. I know that doesn't exactly narrow the field down but thats all i can go by. Just think of "lay's" being the equivlent to walkers. They aren't anything fancy.Think they come in packs of three.You can buy them in most hypermarket type places. I really cant remember the mane of them! Whoever knows gets a pack.
  9. Angels and airwaves at Leeds were awfull.
  10. South Park all the way.Ive loved this program from day one.These are must sees...... "Scott Tennormen must die" "Casa Bonito" "The Snuke" "Something You Can Do With Your Finger" "Asspen" "Imagination land 1 to 3" "cat orgy" "Ikes wee wee" Ill think of more......... Just so much amazing episodes.And they have signed up to do another 4 series apparently......
  11. I love them. You can get a big tub of them from sainsburys soaked in garlic and olive oil.They are the shit.Could sit and eat the whole tub. Never have them on pizza really. I do like to pile on the jalepenos though.
  12. yehh,yehh. Website full of touchy don fans? Am i meant to portray the angry,glory hunting hun role? fun times. Who wants a rat sandwich?
  13. Thats because i rarely post on Aberdeen-music you spoon.Or anywhere for that. Suppose i better catch up to keep you happy.... Paul le Guen - Shite Rangers - shite Walter Smith - good Rangers - good id go more in depth but id be treading on some toes.....
  14. Thats right. Mon the gers!!!!!! Bring on Barca......
  15. What about cocks? Do you think more people die or lose their cocks each year? I personally have nearly lost mine in a trouser related injury. Also you cant exclude vagina injuries too. If you've been round the block a few times surely that leaves you open to mishaps.......
  16. Silver Pacific kit for sale - I payed a ridiculous amount of money for a drum kit about a year and a half back during my "i want to be hooked on monkey phonics" stage.I played them for the first couple,got lessons and then put them away.They are in mint condition and iv'e honestly hardly touched them.DX symbols and double pedal included.Drum stool aswel. If anyone wants to come have a look just reply to this thread or send me a pm and ill sort you out.I payed 750 for the kit and another 100 for the cymbals and stool.Will sell for 550. Cheers Crocker
  17. 4 gnomes with fishing rods versus 1 frog with a knife. Why didn't you go for him??? I reckon your chances were good. Not been accosted with a knife mind you so i could imagine you wanted to leg it.
  18. i was there! Quite hammered,dancing like a fanny to all the floats with my shades on.I love the torcher parade.
  19. I got stuck in it in shorts and t shirt playing football on Sunday.I couldnt feel my arms by the end of the game.Had to have a warm bath before i could wank properly again.
  20. Papa pizzas and pappagallos are NOT related in anyway. But on that note papa pizza is by far the best take away pizza place in Aberdeen.
  21. We do take away during the day which is your usual bits and bobs - sandwiches,potatoes,pasta etc. It really depends at night time on how busy the kitchen is - if its pretty quiet they will.However were usually fully booked at the weekend and the kitchen gets super busy due to its size so anytime after 6 is usually a no go. We only do a few pasta dishes for takeaway in the evenings.Garlic bread to. You can chance it though - 583095 cheers
  22. Were fully liscenced now. The Byo was a good selling point in that its the only place in Aberdeen that does it i believe? Problem was the place was bombarded with drunken slags every weekend who would quite happily sit with a bowl of chips infront of them and knock back 42 blue wickeds and 20 bottles of wine. Kinda made my life a bit difficult and it was a shame for couples and small groups that were just out for a quiet night.Plus they werent to happy being shacked up next to loud ,hyper girls who would prefer to run about and smoke in the toilets than sit down for a meal. That being said alot of people came based on that kind of atmosphere alone but it was treated like more of a place to hang about in before town and get shitfaced than a restaurant. Since weve stopped it however bussiness has still been good but weve replaced tables of twenty to tables of smaller groups and the atmosphere has changed dramatically into a nice quiet place to chill out.We still get the big tables occasionally but they are much better well behaved as they have to put their hands in their pockets now if they want to get as pissed as they were.Personnally speaking i prefer the change as i can have more time to talk to the tables therefore giving them better service.Before it was hard to get heard and because of the drunk nature of a good majority of the customers it became a shit place to work at times. Of course i am biased as it is my old mans place but id highly reccomend the food there and urge you all to pop down.It isnt that far from town and you can have a drink in the Holburn bar before or after. On mondays to wednesdays from 5 to 7 we do ian Italien tapas platter and a choice of pasta dish which is two for twenty pounds.Which is a good deal imo. Youll be garunteed a good feed and fingers crossed leave happy. Cheers folks. Crocker.
  23. Get your arses down to pappagallos. Home of Flash from the Moorings!
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