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  1. Hi! My band Empty Maps are looking for some gigs. We like bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Aereogramme, Death Cab For Cutie, The Twilight Sad, Warpaint, Mogwai etc. We put out a demo on Bandcamp that you can have a listen to. Give me a message on here or on facebook if you have a slot we could play. Thanks! https://emptymaps.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/emptymaps/
  2. I've still got it and it is still for sale. Are you interested?
  3. Try cash converter for an acoustic simulator. I'm pretty sure they had a Boss AC-2 or AC-3 when I was last in.
  4. He did the same for me recently too. I'm very happy with the results.
  5. Ha ha yes Dave did tell me about you changing the pickups in a Jazzmaster and I did ask if he knew if the spare would be for sale, so yes Col, I'd take it! I'll give you a message and we can sort it out. Stevie, would you maybe be up for fitting it? Dave said you were setting up guitars now.
  6. I have a Squier vintage modified Jazzmaster, which is a lovely guitar to play but the Duncan Designed pickups are really letting it down. The bridge sounds thin and harsh and the neck sounds a bit muddy when used with overdrives and distortion. Can anyone recommend some replacements? Or does anyone have any for sale? Even some stock Fender ones would probably be an improvement. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have a boss RV5 for sale?
  8. The Ashdown is a pretty efficient cab I'll have you know Played Ampeg, Trace Elliot and Ashdown heads through it, used it live and in the studio and have had great results every time. No worries if its not what you are looking for Stu, but it is a perfectly good cab.
  9. I have an ashdown 4x10 cab I might be up for selling. Not sure of the wattage, but it is 4 ohms. If you are interested I can find out some more info on it for you.
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